Wednesday, 2 April 2014

CloudyCow Recommendation. ♥

Hello everyone! So it's my first blog post of amazing April and I can't wait to see what my blog evolves into as every month it seems to grow and evolve into something really really special. I also can't wait to see all your lovely blog posts via bloglovin' as I love a good read. 

Today's blog post is a recommendation as I recently made an order with Cloudy Cow .

Cloudy Cow is a business that offer a range of cute and quirky stationary items. They came about in October 2013 and they hope to expand and grow at a decent pace and hope to offer a wide range of items however I think that the items they do offer at the moment are cute and so worth the money. They are based in the UK but they offer worldwide shipping which is a massive positive as I feel that when companies don't offer worldwide shipping I feel like people are missing out.
So you are probably wondering what I bought and the answer is the pen that is in the photograph. I was attracted to it as it has a cute cat on the end and I just fell in love with it. It was only £0.80 and It was £1.10 for P+P as I live in the UK. Overall I was happy with the service they offered as they got it to me within 5 days as I ordered on the Friday and I got it on the Wednesday. It was posted first class and it got to me safe and it was packaged up securely. I think you should check out this wonderful business here and on their facebook they have other fabulous stationery on their site which is linked above and you won't be disappointed. 
Thanks for reading! 

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