Friday, 1 August 2014

DIY: Orange Ice Cube Popsicles.

Today I thought I would be inventive. I've seen loads of posts about ice lollies but truth be told I don't have any ice lolly moulds and I don't really want to buy any. So I decided to get an ice cube mould and make these! They are my own little invention of orange Ice Cube popsicles. I thought these were super fun to make and they are kind of golden so they have a real good summer feel to them and they are really nice.

You will need:

- Ice cube tray 
- Oranges or tangerines. 
- Robinsons fruit Squash in Orange
- Water 
- Spoons or wooden sticks.


1. Get everything you need and lay it out on a table or worktop.

2. Pour some Robinsons fruit Squash into a glass and dilute it with water.

3. Pour the diluted orange into the ice cube trays.

4. Peel an orange or tangerine and add one slice of orange to each ice cube cubicle. 

5. Put them in the freezer for an hour. 

6. Now this next step is up to you - you can either buy some wooden sticks to put in your ice cube popsicles or you can snap some spoons in half and you the stick end. (I used the spoons but you may just want to buy some sticks)

7. After the ice cube popsicles have been in for an hour, take them out and insert your spoon ends or wooden sticks into the ice cubes, then put them back in the freezer. 

8. Wait another 2-3 hours and viola! you have some orange Ice cube popsicles! 

 As you can see I snapped all the spoon ends and stuck them in. 

If any of you lovely bloggers make your own orange ice cube popsicles, feel free to email me; or tweet me here with a photo and if you liked them! 


  1. Yum! I have some leftover juice I want to make some with :) It is so hot here at the moment it would just be great to have something cool to snack on

  2. Hehe! You should! Yes! They are super refreshing! x