Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Look Haul #1

So today I have a New Look Haul for you because now that it is summer, I end up spending too much money on clothes. I have labelled this '#1' because I already have another 2 Hauls that are New Look to show you. I keep moaning to myself by saying that I have far too much black in my wardrobe which to be fair is correct. So I thought I would give it a burst of colour with this little haul. All prices will be listed at the end of this post. Now I ordered all of this online and collected it in store which I will never collect from a store again, it was so hard and they asked for ID. Long story short they were so rude to me. I bought these clothes with the £40 gift voucher my work placement gave me.

Hola, it is my very small wardrobe. I have other draws but this is basically my wardrobe. Here you can spot some of my new clothes from this haul, a woolly onesie and denim oh and lots of dark clothes. 

Firstly I bought this skirt which I love. It's black but has flowers on it and it just gives it a pop of colour and it is so comfy. 

The next thing I purchased was this stripy top and I love it. I love the colours and it is so comfy. It is slightly see through but we can deal with that.

Next I have my black jumpsuit, I definitely can't resist buying black clothes. It kind of looks like harem pants but I promise when it's on, it looks nice. 

 Next I got a grey bird print dress which is so flimsy and light and I just love it.

The last thing I bought was this kimono. Now I've been after a kimono for quite a while so when I spotted this for £12.99 I knew I had to have it. Again it is black but is floral so you have a pop of colour.

Coral stripe ½ sleeve boxy jersey top – was: £9.99 I paid: £2.55
Tall Grey Bird Print T-shirt Dress – was: £14.99 I paid; £4.25
Black floral print midi skirt – was: £14.99 I paid: £5.10
Black Jersey Ruched Bandeau Jumpsuit – was: £19.99 I paid: £14.50
Black Floral Kimono - £12.99

I'd link you to these items but they were sale items online except for the Kimono and there isn't a link for any of them. 

I hope you've enjoyed this haul. 

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