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Useful Photo Editing Apps That I Use For Instagram And My Blog │The Perks Of Meg.

We all question in our heads; how did this person make their photos look so beautiful, well...

If You don't already know, you will know that I spend endless hours on Instagram scrolling. I mean who doesn't? I love playing around and editing photos that I take. Basically I use my iPhone for all my photos on my blog - therefore I do use a few apps to edit. I mainly use the apps that have adjustment tools and filters so that I can adjust the brightness slightly.
There are so many apps out there for editing your photos but I have picked a few.


Before editing on VSCO CAM:

After editing on VSCO CAM:

I have known that a lot of people rave about VSCO Cam and I try and not buy into the hype however I have and I love it. I personally think it's a great alternative to Afterlight - I don't have this app as I don't have any money to pay for it so I think VSCO Cam is the one for me.

Before I edited this photo on Snapseed:

After I edited on Snapseed:

This is another free photo editing app, I use all free photo apps by the way. This app is great because unlike most photo editing apps you can select a specific part of the image and you can adjust it. This comes in handy if you have a shadow that you don't want or you want to brighten a certain area of the photo. As you can see from my photo above just by brightening the photo ever so slightly it has made it look 10x better. I love Snapseed.

Funnily enough Moldiv is a new one for me. It's a great collage app and puts collages together and they look quite impressive! I find that some collage apps can be disappointing, basically naff. So this app really surprised me. The collages look really professional which for a blog is perfect. You aren't restricted to a 1:1 square shape and you can make them wider to suit your platform. Another great thing about this app is that it is free but you can buy sets of layouts, if you wish to. What more could you want with a collage app?

Other Apps Worth Mentioning:

Dropbox: Wanting to transfer your photos from your phone but you want to use them on your blog? Maybe you have photos stored on your laptop but you want to upload them to Instagram? You have a problem, right? Well fear not. Dropbox is a great app where you can transfer photos without compressing the quality. On your computer, you'll have to make an account and get the app for your phone - it's all free! This means that you can put all your files you want in your dropbox folder and you can access them from both your computer and phone! Win.

Squaready: This isn't really a photo editing app as you can't add filters but it's mainly for adding the white borders that most photos have nowadays on instagram - I don't tend to use this anymore but it was a good app to use.

What photo editing apps do you use to edit your photos? Do you have any recommendations.

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