Friday, 15 August 2014

How to Blog on a Budget │The Perks Of Meg

I was really inspired to write this post when I saw on agentsymthblog they had done a post about blogging on a budget which you can see here. 

Basically this post will emphasise some of the points Claire and Nic have already expressed from a different point of view and with some extra tips.

Now I believe that you do not have to go out and splash the cash for the purpose of blog posts, not all the time anyway. I am a 15 year old school girl, I don't get pocket money and I save up my money from birthdays and christmas. Therefore I can't afford to buy stuff for blog posts all the time. As I know this is hard for me I make budgets and I know that even if I do have the money for something I have to distinguish whether I want it or whether I need it. 

So this is my first tip...

Distinguish whether you want it or you need it. 

Too many times in life will we splash the cash because we want something which is fine from time to time but just suppose you splash your cash on something that you wanted and then your laptop is broken and cannot be fixed, then you will need a laptop (depending on your job/lifestyle of course) but you can't afford it. Then you have a massive problem. But to cut that long story short just be wise with your money; from time to time give yourself a treat that you really wanted but then sometimes save your cash for something you will need. This helps me save my money. For example I really wanted a new lipstick which was going to cost £15 and then I saw 4 lipsticks that I wanted which total £15 althogher but I knew that I needed to buy my new laptop so I saved my money. 

Keep track of what you are spending

This doesn't really apply to me in life yet but keeping a track of your ingoings and outgoings each week/month is very important. As most of you who are living in a house of your own you will know about the bills you have to pay each month and the food you have to go out and buy. As long as you have the essentials you can save up one month and splurge another. Just keep track of your money.

Sales, Sales, Sales.

Of course I had to mention the sales, Without a doubt I always take advantage of a sale. I mean let's face it everyone loves a good sale and to some people it can be great. Especially us bloggers. I love when New Look have 20% off or items that are reduced from say £15 down to £5. I also love when Boots and Superdrug do 3 for 2 because it does come in handy. You also get a few items to blog about. Win.

Blog your stash

I know this definitely comes in handy and it did when I first started writing my blog. I thought about all my stash that I had and wanted to share my thoughts of them with the world. I know that I don't have to go out and spend money on products when I can create a post on something I already have. As my blog is a mix of both beauty and lifestyle (I want to incorporate fashion sometime) I can put other posts in such as what I did at the weekend and I love doing posts on recipes and even DIYs - you don't need to go out and buy a lip scrub when you can create one by yourself. Click here to see how I did my very own lip scrub. 

Be organised

The key to most things and mainly blogging is being organised. You could make a blogging timetable or calendar to organise all your posts that you want/are going to write for the upcoming month or for what days you want. This again means you can incorporate all that stash you haven't  blogged about before. Give yourself ideas, take photos in bulk - I find that doing this it sparks off other inspiration for posts and I end up using that product in a few posts.

Don't Worry

Don't worry, be happy. I had to, I'm sorry! I just love that song. Basically don't worry about getting in with the crowd and getting with the hype. A blog isn't all about spending money. Mainly just focus on your content, writing and personality you are expressing. Just be you, just be unique. 

Just because everyone else has it, doesn't mean you have to.

There is so much pressure in the blogosphere to settle in, be in the 'crowd' and join in with every hype going. If I'm honest I have only joined in with one hype which I waited for about a month after everyone was hyped up and then bought them. I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips and I have honestly never been so disappointed. So this is a lesson to you all just because someone likes the product, it doesn't mean you will. Think wisely.

I mainly covered what Claire and Nic said but as I say even from a 'student' kind of profile. I struggle with money and would much rather set myself a budget. 

Do you set yourself budgets?


  1. This is such a helpful post! Even with having a job it is sometimes hard to get stuff for my blog. I also love looking at sales (especially for nail polish for my nail art posts) and planning really is a huge part. If I make a beauty product, I try to see where I can use those items to make things for other posts, that way I save money as well :)