Wednesday, 6 August 2014

*Nourish Review. ♥

Hello everyone!
Today I am bringing you a review that has been waiting for me for a couple of months. I got sent this product in May but the weather was horrible and I thought to get a better review and one that would suit the season of summer. I would start using this product in June/July. I have been testing it out every single week of June and July to see what results this product would bring. I have 2 products to review in this post but the first one is the Nourish Golden  Glow Toning soufflé. When looking on the website I'm not sure whether they've changed this to a body shimmer but that is the only thing I could find. Firstly the packaging is very luxurious therefore I was expecting a great product from this.

Then when I got this out of the packaging I was greeted with a huge jar of this product. I was delighted as I haven't had many massive jars and as I reuse all the tubs and jars from products I thought it would be perfect to re-use.

When I took the lid off I saw that it had another lid on it and when I took that one off, I knew why. This product is very, very runny - a slight downside to this product as it gets everywhere.

When using this product I mainly used it on my legs - purely because they are pasty and horrible and as this is described to give you a 'golden glow' I thought it would be perfect. It definitely is the perfect summer product as it just gives you soft and a little bit of a golden colour to your skin which is all I really want. As I said I couldn't find this on the website but the body shimmer that is basically the same retails for £25.00. With this product less is more.


 R - Product has just been put on the skin.
L - Product slightly rubbed in.

Product slightly rubbed in again.

I changed the tub what the product was in because I went travelling with it and didn't want the glass to smash.

 Fully rubbed in.

The next product I got to try in sample form was the Nourish Revital Eyes, Anti Ageing Eye Cream. Now as I'm 15 years of age I don't really need a product like this in my life - yet. However it felt really nice to apply and it sunk into my eye area quite quickly. However the downside for me was after an hour my eyes felt sticky and the consistency is again very thin.

This product retails for: £30.00.

I would like to thank the people at nourish for letting me try their skincare.

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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