Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fighting Summer breakouts │ The Perks Of Meg.

I realise that, the photo above doesn't look very convincing but I have run out of some of the things e.g. suncream and I haven't got a hat anymore - I'm off to buy one. Anyway the season which is Summer brings many people joy. Sunshine, swimming pools and going to the seaside is what it's all about. Unfortunately if you are anything like me you will have problems such as hayfever, sunburn (even with suncream) and even more break outs than normal - how lucky are we?

I keep asking myself why I'm breaking out so much and I guess it's due to the heat because it rises dramatically and our oil and sweet glands must do the same. Totally gross. In Summer they end up working overtime to keep our body temperature cool and without them we would probably pass out or hyperventilate. Then because we don't want to burn we use suncream and then spend more time outside - we really aren't doing our skin any favours.

In Summer I don't tend to wear make up anyway because in such heat it just melts off you - so you end up with panda eyes and patchy foundation. Very attractive. However if you are someone who likes to wear make up in Summer, one word of advice; don't reapply your suncream over your make up. All it will do is clog your pores up (Which you really don't want) and you will break out even more. If you want to apply suncream or reapply it, carry around make up removing wipes or rinse your make up before reapplying. If you do use wipes use a cleanser on a night.

One thing you should carry around with you is a hat. Now I did have a hat but it seems to have gone walk abouts so I am now going to buy a new one. Wide-brimmed hats are the best for summer and they won't clog your pores - winner! Also wear sunglasses because they protect your eyes!

A must is water. Water keeps you hydrated and cool. Nothing is as bad as getting dehydrated and it also signals to your sweat glands and basically says that they can take a break as well as keeping your temperature under control. Water, Water, Water - is the key to keeping cool. It also gets rid of all the toxins that might be in your body and leaves your skin/face glowing and fresh.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Summer is the time to take advantage of all the fresh produce available; such as strawberries and bananas. I absolutely love making smoothies with the fresh fruit or just simply eating them alone.

So they are all my tips to fighting summer breakouts, do you have anymore tips?

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