Sunday, 10 August 2014

August Advertisers │ The Perks Of Meg.

So hello everyone, this month is the start of something wonderful, yes that's right. I am now doing advertising on my blog. I have decided after long debate that there will be 4 free spaces each month, now if you want to find out more about advertising visit my advertising page which is at the top. 

Anyway I've babbled on enough. This month I bring you some fabulous ladies. They are all very talented and I am a frequent reader of all their blogs.

So first up I have a lovely blog which is The Laughing Medusa, I just love the name of Sarah's blog and she is so lovely. She also held a joint giveaway with me.

Another blog that I love and helped me out with my joint giveaway - I love how Jules blog is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

The Illustrated Teacup.

Rachel's blog has recently had a makeover and she also helped me with my joint giveaway. So far I have read most things on her blog which are to do with tattoos. 

Agent Smyth

I must admit this is one of my favourite blogs, Claire and Nic are just brilliant and I am a frequent reader of their blog. It's full of beauty reviews, beauty product disappointments and how to budget buy etc. Well worth a read! I've read this blog ever since I started blogging in January and I am addicted.

All the above advertisers are blogs that I love reading so why don't you have a read of them? Just click on the photos to be transported to their blogs.

Until next month!

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