Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Rules about Reading │ The Perks Of Meg.

We all like a good read once in a while, yes? I especially love reading. I love reading blogs, reading books and magazines, the list goes on. Recently I have read Divergent - I haven't read the other two books of the trilogy but I am going to at some point. So it had me thinking, what rules should I set myself while reading. I am always putting a book down and starting another, so I have decided to set myself some rules that I shouldn't break.

- When I'm commuting, going on holiday or to the park take a book with me. 
- Read one book at a time
- Never skip ahead
- Speed reading is OK to do.
- Pick/read books that interest you and not what you think you should. 
- Never just read a book because 'everyone is' unless it is the type of book you read.
- Books and e books are equal
- Take a (short) break in between books so that you don't get confused when re-telling the story.
- Tell people about the book you have read 
- Think about what you've read - it helps you imagine everything so much better.
- Well loved books look well loved
- It's OK to reread books.
- While reading make sure it is silent.

What are your rules while reading?

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