Monday, 18 August 2014

A day in the life of... The Perks Of Meg.

So recently I did a guest post which was titled 'a day in the life of... The Perks Of Meg' and so I thought I would do a post on my blog and it just happens that I ended up going to a barbecue this day so I shall insert some pictures and explain them.

So firstly I wake up and I end up looking like this. 

 I then went into the shower. 

These are the clothes that I wore on that day.

I used some product for my face! Now in these tubs, they don't have the original product in them because I've used them all up but I reuse them and so I have an exfoliator in the body butter tub and a mud mask in the another. 

I use the alberto balsam shampoo and then a deep conditioner. 

Woohoo have a towel round the head selfie. 

I then went to Greggs and got a sausage sandwich and it was really quite nice. 

I then went to a barbecue and took some photos of me in my outfit. 

We then ate chilli heatwave doritos and danced the night away.

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