Saturday, 16 August 2014

My trip to Scotland │ The Perks Of Meg.

So I went on a weekend trip to Scotland and you may have known if you'd have seen my road trip essentials post which you can see here. I had a lovely weekend in Scotland from Friday 1st August till Sunday 3rd and I went to see my auntie and it was just a really good trip. I didn't sleep much the first night and ended up living off 3 hours sleep all of Saturday but other than that it was great. 

So after our 3 hours 15 minute journey up to Scotland we went out for lunch with my auntie and I had lasagne and it was so good. Then we went back to her house for tea and biscuits and stopped a couple of hours and then we went to our hotel. It was quite a nice hotel and we had free wifi so I was still able to reply to comments and browse the web. 

Then on the saturday I spent 5 hours in Carlisle and it had so many shops and I went into Debenhams and there was the benefit counter and as much as I wanted to buy some make up - I just didn't have enough money. It did remind me of the lovely Meg (who is great because she has the same name as me) who's blog is - I love both her blog and her youtube channel and if you don't already follow her then give her one. 

I then bought the comforter from Lush while I was in Carlisle and it's one of the nicest things. It smells like ribena and I actually got this because of Velvetgh0st as she had recommended it. I watch all her videos and I just love her and as she is from sunny ol' Yorkshire too and yeah if you don't watch her youtube videos- go get yourself subscribed. 

On our last night we went to a pub/hotel and I had the most amazing dessert that I have probably ever eaten. I ordered a chocolate fondant and it was warm and gooey and I kept saying ' this is my Gregg Wallace moment' and if I could eat that every day I certainly would.

As you can see - I ate the lot.

When I went to my auntie's house for the last time on the sunday she had her neighbours dog round - she walks the dog for them and he stays for a couple of hours. His name is Fudge and he is one of the cutest dogs ever - I wanted to bring him home.

 Just before we started to travel home, we went to Gretna Green and it was full of tourists and it was beautiful. 

In the gift shop in Gretna Green I saw lots of Disney items and I saw this tinkerbell snow globe thing and it was lovely - I wasn't going to pay £25 for it though. 

In Gretna there was a shop called the 'wee big shop' and I just loved it. 

As a tradition it practically rained the whole time while I was there but that didn't matter - it rained on the journey there, the journey back and a few times during each day. Good weather in Scotland, ey?

We went to McDonalds on the way home and it was so good. 

We also bought some shortbread in Scottie Dog form and they are so good. 

I have really enjoyed my time in Scotland and I can't wait to go next year.

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