Saturday, 2 August 2014

Road Trip Essentials... Going to Scotland.

Well, hello there. I was unsure of whether to even class going to Scotland as a 'road trip' but seeing as we are going in the car and it is going to take us about 3 hours to get there, I decided it is a road trip. So I've never been to Scotland before, I've been to the lake district but not quite Scotland. My auntie lives there and we are going to visit her. As with most journeys you have to take essentials and things that will suit the season. Now as it's summer I should be wearing pretty dresses and what not but we all hear on the weather forecast that in Scotland it is always raining. I really hope it doesn't rain. So I have put together most of my essentials and hopefully all will be well.

Comfy Shoes:

Although you technically wear these all the time on your road trip, comfy shoes are a must. Now I plan to take some sandals with me as they will keep my feet cool and are comfy for going up and down hill however if it rains I won't be happy. I'm just going to take them and hope for the best. Always choose comfy shoes though.

Sunglasses :

Sunglasses, again I am preparing in the hope that it is going to be bright  and sunny and well squinting is not a good look. They are also great if you have puffy eyes in the morning or hayfever.


Now you may be wondering where it is on the photo above but if you didn't know already I use it for all my blog photos. My iPhone is an essential for me, anywhere I go. I'll be using it as a camera and also so I can listen to The 1975 on my way - who can blame me? It's also good if anyone needs to get in contact with me, I doubt they will though.


Aha! Yes I have to have my earphones with me so that I can listen to music on my way there. If I forget those, I'll be lost.
Lip Balm:

A lip balm is a must for me, all year round. So I need to take at least one with me. I absolutely love my Nivea essential Care lip balm and it is just brilliant. 
A notebook and a pen:

You never know when you might think of a blog post idea and so a notebook and pen is essential.


When I'm travelling I get dehydrated so easily so I have to have at least 3 bottles of water with me.


I love to read and therefore I need my kindle so that I can read a chapter of a book that I may start.


Yes, I am taking my laptop. I have never done this before but recently I got a new laptop and it is small and lightweight and therefore I can take it with me so during the car journey and at night I can sit and type blog posts and edit photos.


Chargers are a definite essential as I'll need my phone charger, my kindle charger and my laptop charger to keep me happy for the roadtrip in case anything goes flat and needs charging.

They are all my road trip essentials, what are yours?

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