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Things That Make Me Happy │The Perks Of Meg.

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As you all know by now, I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I keep saying I want to do more fashion but I just don't feel like I can. I find I can write about beauty and lifestyle and it just comes naturally. So anyway I'm going off track as per usual and basically today's post is to share with you all what makes me happy. Now lots of things make me happy but I thought I would just share a few. As much as I love the Internet and as much as I tell myself 'Megan you don't need the Internet' I really do. Especially for blogging but mainly my trail of thought leans towards that although I need it, I should probably admire the little things and I should take time out from being completely absorbed in my internet kind of circle.

When  I was younger I didn't have the internet or video games and I rarely watched tv - I hardly watch it now. I loved the little things in life whether it be playing with my little kitchen when I was 5, whether it be my scooter that I once got or whether it be the long walks I used to go on. I loved it and was just so happy. So basically today's post is giving you an insight to what makes me happy and when I do think about the little things it makes me so happy and I admire them even for maybe 5 minutes but when I do them, I feel great as a person and maybe that's why we should really think about the little things.

LONG WALKS: I absolutely love long walks and even if they have no purpose, I love a good walk down the riverbank. It kind of gives me time away from everything and gives me thinking time even if it means I'm overthinking. I love long walks in Summer where I can walk in the sunshine in a pretty dress and not have a care in the world. Walks make me admire what nature there is and how beautiful some parts of where I live are. 

TURNING OFF MY PHONE AND TECHNOLOGY  FOR THE NIGHT: Although sometimes I find it hard to turn off my technology on a night, especially my phone. I have started doing this more often to give myself a break. I can be doing something blog related for a good 4 hours every single day, or most days. Whether that be actually writing posts, spending time commenting on blogs, replying to comments, checking and replying to emails or taking photography. All the hours add up and sometimes I get far too engrossed in what I'm doing. Sometimes it's just nice to have a little break and sit with a cup of tea, some biscuits, a book or even a movie and snuggle down for the night.

FEELING ORGANISED AND PROUD: A thing that comes with blogging is the sense to feel organised. In general I am a very organised person and really I have tons and tons of blog post ideas to write, my problem is I'm just a little too lazy or I'm always tired but eventually I do get round to writing one. I try to keep organised and on top of things so the quality of my posts are to the best of my ability. I'm currently testing out some new writing styles of how I can present my posts so if some of them look different for example today's, I'm just trying to figure out how I like them set out and to be honest I like this layout a lot. Another thing that comes with blogging is the sense of being proud, some days I can feel really disappointed with myself but overall blogging makes you feel like you've achieved something and I just love this hobby.

LONG HOT BUBBLE BATHS: There is nothing more relaxing than a long hot bubble bath. Now I normally end up with a LUSH product of some kind and at the moment I am in love with the comforter. It is so creamy and smells of Ribena. I just love long hot bubble baths especially in Winter when it is freezing and you need something to warm you up. I love to unwind in a bubble bath and again this is where I relax my brain.

What are the things that make you happy?

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