Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's the little things in life │ The Perks Of Meg.

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Life is full of bad news and sometimes we get caught up in things that really don't effect us and don't appreciate the little things in life. As we all know life is precious and it goes by so quickly we really have to take in all the little things. For the past 3 or so years I have been quite a negative person, I wasn't happy with myself and who I was. However I promised myself that at the start of this year {2014} I would be positive and would have a positive outlook on life. Blogging has definitely helped me. A matter of fact is: life is too short. Why would you want to spend your days being sad when there is a whole world out there that you can explore? Also if you think about it and take a moment you will find that it is these little things in life that make you smile and even though most people won't understand why you have a massive smile on your face each day, just enjoy it. Embrace it. 
While I was taking a time out from daily stresses and taking in what surroundings I have, these were the little things that made me smile.
- Waking up and knowing that you can go back to sleep/stay in bed.
-- Waking up to a cup of tea that has already been made for me.
- Having a peaceful walk down the riverbank.
-  Making plans with my best friend Emily.
- Replying to emails, letters and comments from you lovelies! {I love everyone who takes the time to read my blog}
- Watching my savings jar grow with all my pennies.
- Baking: I love baking and I have from a very small age.
- Cooking meals for my family. 
- Seeing my little brother Alfie every weekend just to get the biggest smile, the chuckles and the enormous cuddles. 
- Tidying my room and discovering things I thought I'd lost.
- Cookies.
- Painting my nails perfectly for the first time ever. 
These  are just a few things that have happened during my week and recapping them makes me smile and I feel quite rewarded. It's great to be on the upwards to positivity.
After all it is the little things in life.

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