Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jumping On The MAC Make up Bandwagon.

So as you may have guessed from the title of this post I jumped onto the MAC make up bangwagon. I have kind of wanted to do this for a while but I just can't afford high end make up. So I decided to treat myself. This day I was in Meadowhall in Sheffield, it was my first time going and I met up with my best friend Emily, who's blog you can see here. This will be our fourth meet up and it is like a summer tradition, although we seem to always meet in different places. So we had a lovely day and we had a picnic of all the things that really you shouldn't eat, we went to lush and we also went to the Disney Store because well how can you not. Em then came with me to Debenhams and I went to the MAC counter, all the members of staff were really nice and I took the plunge. I shall now insert some photos of me and Emily and then tell you what I bought.

Our picnic consisted of brownies, veggie sweets, fairy bread and a bun.

Em was feeling all magical in the Disney Store and I was in love with the floor.

We then went into LUSH which is one of my favourite places to go and had a look round. Seeing as I was going to MAC I didn't end up buying anything from here but I still do have my The Comforter. 

We then sat in the middle of Meadowhall and took lots of photos. I shall just insert one photo and I am looking very shiny, oh the joys.

Now onto the MAC part of this post...

The thought of just having a MAC bag makes me feel very happy if I'm honest. So what did I buy? Well I bought a 4 quad palette and Satin Taupe.

I had already put Satin Taupe in my palette so that is why it isn't in it's packaging.

Here is my palette and Satin Taupe which is such a gorgeous colour. I had watched endless youtube videos and all of them mentioned Satin Taupe, so I figured that was probably the one for me. So I paid £15 altogether which most people may think is good. For me £10 for an eyeshadow is quite expensive but it is going to be so worth it.  The palette was £5 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

I haven't actually used this eyeshadow yet and if you would like a tutorial of me using it in some way then let me know in the comments.

What make up have you got from MAC?

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