Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Results: GCSE.

So as you can guess by the title and the above photo I got my results. I actually got these on the 21st August but wanted some time to accept my grades. Now when I got my results as you can see it says I got an F but it was an administrating error or something and I actually got a C.

So I got a D in French for the second year running, I resat French and it didn't get me anywhere but hey ho.

The most important grade to me was my English Literature and I know teachers say that English Language is what counts but I still wanted a good grade. I expected to get a B if I was lucky so I was expecting a C. So to open my envelope and see an A - was just so overwhelming and I cried. I just worked so hard and when I was saw my breakdown and to think I got an A* in one of my exams is just mind blowing.

In Year 11 I will be studying - Maths, Science, English Language, Business Studies, IT and Childcare. So fingers crossed I will do well.

What did you get in your results?

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