Saturday, 6 September 2014

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I probably haven't been blogging for as long as most people and although I secretly made this blog last summer but didn't really use it, I started a fresh from January. So I've been blogging for 8 months and I actually think it's gone so fast. It has taken up a lot of my time but if you put the effort in, it's well worth it in the end. I believe now that I have a blogging routine and I really quite like it. I definitely agree with the bloggers who say that you don't need lots of resources or money to start up and run a blog - I don't have a Macbook but people still like my blog. As long as the content is there and your blog is organised most bloggers aren't too fussed. 

My Laptop - Asus transformer book  T100TA.

I must say this is a recent purchase. In January all the way to mid July I have been using my old laptop but unfortunately my 4 year old laptop died on me, it kept cutting out and it wouldn't connect to wifi - a big disappointment.So I decided to invest in something that was smaller and would be handy for when I leave high school to go to college and what not. The best thing about my new laptop is that it transforms from a laptop to an tablet which means it's great for everything. I also now take this on days out because it is super lightweight and fits in my bag perfectly, I get a lot more blog stuff done. This was a must buy as I also need a laptop for revision and homework/projects therefore saving up £290 wasn't too bad. 

My iPhone 4

Yes that's right, I don't have a snazzy camera to take all my blog photos on, I was going to invest in one but I changed my mind. Basically at the start of January all the way to about June I was using my iPod touch 4th generation - it wasn't brilliant but that is all I had. Then I got an Iphone 4 which although people still don't think the quality is brilliant - it is all I can really afford. My picture quality isn't too bad and in the right light, they are good to go.


For my background I tend to use bed sheets - mine are currently floral and it just makes the product stand out a little more. Sometimes I use white walls and sometimes I take them outside. It really does depend on my mood although most of them are taken on my bed sheets with direct sunlight.


 I know some people don't like blogger but to me blogger is my best friend. I find it so easy to use and I can get blog posts organised pretty quickly. Sometimes it can be quite slow or it won't do what I want it to but for now I am pretty content with blogger for my layout and blog posts etc. 


If you haven't guessed yet, I love notebooks, I go through so many notebooks and I even have a diary now. I love to jot down some blog ideas, to-do lists and just keeping general notes that I may need. Notebooks are literally my best friend and I need one with me at all times.

A Calendar

I have recently started a calendar mainly because I like to be organised for the month - Some months I post every single day and others every two, therefore knowing which posts are being written and posted when is very handy. I used to be a person where I would just write when I felt like it but now I feel more dedicated to my blog - I tend to plan 3/4 weeks in advance. 


Ribbet is my best friend when it comes to editing photos, to be honest because I take them in natural sunlight - most of my photos don't need a lot of editing but when I need to add things to a photo or brighten it up slightly. This is what I go to.

A cup of tea

To get more relaxed while writing a blog post or editing some photos, I like to sit and relax with a cup of tea, true Yorkshire person here. I feel like having a cup of tea next to me gives me motivation and I just love drinking tea. Bit of a random tool but hey ho.

On my blog I am pretty basic with what I use, hopefully in the near future I would love to invest in things like a camera but at this moment in time I am really happy with everything I use.

What are your essential blogging tools? 

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