Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Bad Beauty Habits │The Perks Of Meg.

I know what you are thinking - you are a beauty blogger and you have bad beauty habits? Yes that's right, I just can't completely dedicate myself to follow the rulebook for the beauty do's and don'ts but that is the truth. I'm trying to change, improve my ways but it's difficult when some of these bad beauty habits are through me being lazy, naughty me. But also through stress/anxiety. I thought this post would be fun to share and to give you a laugh at my expense! 

Biting My Nails

Just writing this makes me cringe just a little. This is the beauty habits that I have done for too long, my worst beauty habit, I'd say. At certain points in my life I have stopped but then after that certain event - they'd be all bitten again. This is a really gross habit of mine and makes my hands look vile. I do this mainly when I'm stressed and anxious, I even pick at skin around them and the little wicks that you get. Ew. It is something that is a challenge and I've tried everything - even the horrid nail polishes but I'd still bite away. I need to stop.

Mascara Picking

This is probably my second worst beauty habit. I mainly do this because of boredom. While mascara picking I end up with eyes that look so bare and I end up pulling clumps of eyelashes out, patchy eyelashes are not attractive. I do tend to relax more when I do this but it won't do any favours for my eyelashes. 

Not using Moisturiser

I am so bad when it comes to moisturising, purely because I make the excuse ' my skin is oily, I can't put more greasy into it' however I really should moisturise. I've not started with eczema under my eyes and on my eyelids which is very painful - so now I have to moisturise but I just slack at this and it is not good. 

Neglecting my body

Of course this is another bad habits that I have, I care more about my face than my body. I don't remember the last time I gave it a good moisturise with some body butter or a good exfoliation. There is no excuse either. More or less it gets a good wash and shave in the shower - which I thought you 'd all want to know of course. If I don't change my ways I will certainly regret it when I'm older. 

Face Wipes

I know what you are all thinking, again. 'Do not use face wipes' I hear you all say. Yes you are correct, I shouldn't. But I do. I make the reason that it is 'quick' and 'easy' and totally not expensive. Although I have found that it really isn't quick and all it is doing is probably clogging my pores up more. I can happily say although it is a bad beauty habit of mine I have started to change this and I am now using a hot cloth cleanser. Go me!

Touching my face

I'm really not sure if this is only me but when I get stressed or anxious which I pretty much do 99% of the time - I end up touching my face. Throughout most days especially at school I end up resting my hand on my cheek, rubbing my eyes or picking a blemishes I really shouldn't. Again this is pretty gross. Just thinking about all that bacteria I am transferring onto my face, making blemishes more prone. Another great way to get rid of all your make up - by lunch my foundation has completely gone - I must look a right sight. 

Lack of brush washing routine

Juggling school, my blog, home and social commitments - I can never find the time to spend precious time washing my collection of make up brushes. I do, of course at some point wash my make up brushes. Again I am opening my face to all the bacteria and welcoming blemishes to a new home. Ew. I find that cleaning my make up brushes is like a 'chore' and I prioritise other things over my brushes so I don't have to do them. This is lazy. I totally admire all the loyal ladies that clean their brushes regularly but at this moment in time I am not one of these people. I need to get motivation. I am definitely going to change this and clean my brushes at least once every week/once every two weeks. 

Switching it up

As you may know as a beauty blogger, I am a very lucky person and am entirely grateful in the respect that I get to try lots of different and very great products. A slight downside to this is that I don't commit one product to my face and end up testing lots of products out. Causing lots of breakouts. Also it means that when something else comes along I just simply replace it and forget about another product that I loved. If I stuck with the same products all the time, it wouldn't give me a chance to trial different products out and review them but I'd definitely have less breakouts. Does anyone have any tips to solve this?

What are your bad beauty habits? Are they similar to mine?

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