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Increasing Blog Traffic: Twitter │ThePerksOfMeg.

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So today I thought I would share with you all some tips of how to increase your blog traffic using twitter. I'm not saying you should do all these things but these are just personally what I like to do. 

Use twitter.

Using twitter is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic and that's just my personal opinion. If you have your blogs name as your twitter '@' people will be able to find you easily and basically jobs a good 'un. Basically my twitter is @imcalledmeg_ but unfortantely someone has taken 'theperksofmeg' so I can't have it. So if that does happen then try to get a name close to your blog.

Put your blog link in your bio.

One of the first things I did when I started blogging was putting my blog link in my bio. Some people who claim to be a blogger but then don't have a URL, how hard is it to put a link in your bio? Anyway if I do chat to you or you chat to me during a twitter chat, which you can check out all the twitter chats in this post here then I will probably want to have a little nosey at your blog and so it is just easier for me to click on your profile and click the link in your bio.

Promoting your posts.

In my opinion this is one of the hardest things to do. When you are doing it - it is easy but it can cause a little bit of drama. It is hard to decide on how many times you want to tweet your posts and posting too much can cause people to get angry and you are basically spamming everyone or you can tweet about a post once a week and get lost and not noticed. Personally I tend to post once a day and I seem to get a lot of traffic. Sometimes I tweet morning, afternoon and night depending on how gripping I think the post is and whether it will attract more people. I also like to try and accommodate for any non UK bloggers that read my blog as time zones are pretty difficult I do try and tweet at 1-2am or I will schedule a tweet for that time just so nobody is missing out/ gets the chance to have a read.

Use hashtags.

When I post a link to a new post I have written I always use hashtags. I mainly use #lbloggers, #bbloggers, #fbloggers as well as #tbloggers. Hashtags are another good way to get your blog out there.

Join in with the Twitter chats.

Personally twitter chats are one of my favourite things to take part in. The community is great and you are getting yourself out there and discovering new blogs and also maybe making some new friends. I've made so many blogger friends this way and nobody ignores anybody. I mainly use this to get tips and find new blogs. Again here is a link to my post about the Twitter chats.
Mention brands and bloggers.
I do this quite a lot, I mention my favourite bloggers and I mention brands if I've been to a particular shop or I've done a post on them. By doing this you are sharing content and are getting noticed by the companies and people. This means that your content will be reshared and you may even attract more readers. 

Keep old content alive.

I love to keep old content alive and will occasionally bring back an old post that I've done months ago. Just make sure they aren't too old and will still be quite purposeful.

Reply to tweets. 

As well as replying to your blog comments you should reply to tweets too. Twitter as I mentioned has so many hashtags and well you can easily have a conversation with bloggers. This works two ways because not only do you get a new follower but you get a new blog to read! Sharing is caring!

Retweet mentions.

Retweeting mentions is a way of acknowledging one another and if somebody tweets a link to your blog, definitely retweet it to share it with more people. By someone tweeting your link it is showing you that your followers do actually like your content enough to share it and could give someone else the chance to click the link as most bloggers go on what other bloggers recommend. I especially like the 'Blog links I love' posts.

Sharing content.

The main tip for increasing blog traffic is to share content. Yes you can share your own content but why not share other people's too? You could gain a new friend from it. This keeps your twitter varied and shows to other people that you care about other people's content too.

Ask questions.

This again comes with the hashtags and the replying to tweets and what not. Especially during twitter chats I tend to ask questions to see if anyone may reply. Sometimes I get a reply and other times I don't. However sometimes by asking questions it starts a conversation and then you gain a new friend who may want to check out your blog.

What are your tips and tricks for increasing blog traffic?

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