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Taking Blog Photos In Bulk: A few tips │ The Perks Of Meg.

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Many bloggers (myself included) take photos in bulk and sometimes it can be a little stressful and so I thought I'd share a few tips with you all.

Plan what you need to take photos of. 

There's nothing more annoying when you are ready to take some photos and you can't remember which photos you've already taken for which blog posts. I used to be really unorganised with my photos and used to take them and then write the post as now, I write the post and then think of what I need for each photo and then take it. I also write down my blog posts that I need to write (I have hundreds!) and then have a box for photos and a box for write so when I have done them I can put a tick in the post. You might think this is time consuming and well it is, but at least I know where I am for everything.

Organise everything blog related on your laptop correctly.

I have recently got an ASUS Transformer Book and so all my blog photos that I did have on my old laptop have now gone. My laptop completely died on me - wasn't the best. But even then I was organised with my photos. Every week I sit down and organise all my photos - upload them and then sit and put them into folders. I have different folders which include: recent blog photos, urgent blog photos, PR blog photos, inspiration blog photos, other blog photos. Also if I have lots of different photos for one blog post I will put all the photos into one folder and call it for example 'my lip scrub DIY'. Also once I have used these photos in a post and the post has gone up on my blog I delete the photos purely because they take up lots of room and well I don't need them anymore.  
Make Time.

It is important to make time to do your photos,  to sort out what photos you will take in bulk the next week, to make sure you have all the products you are going to photography, to actually take all the photos and then upload them onto my laptop. As I take about 10 photos for each individual photo - just to make sure I have the perfect one, at the perfect angle and to check that the lighting is fine, I normally have to scroll through them all and delete the ones I don't need. Then comes the editing - I've actually stopped editing most of my photos as I don't feel that they need it, however sometimes the lighting isn't quite light enough and I do have to edit slightly. I have to pick a suitable time to do my photos too - there is absolutely no point you taking the photos at nightime because you really need natural lighting. Now I tend to do them either before 12pm or about 2 o'clock because these are the times when the sun isn't blaring through the windows but is just nice.  I find that weekends are the best time for me to take my photos and sit down and really focus on them. Personally I have to do all this in one go or I just forget what I've done and that isn't brilliant.


Folders are like your new best friend on your laptop - they are easy to create and just separate all your photos and files. They keep you organised and it just means when you come to wanting a certain photo you know where to find it. 

 Back your photos up regularly.

I personally use Skydrive to back up my photos as it comes with my laptop however you could use iCloud or a memory stick.  This just saves you from having to retake all your photos. There is nothing worse than losing all your photos and having to take them all again. Just make sure you narrow down what photos you want to back up. 

Don't hoard!

Even though you may love the photos you have taken, don't hoard them. Whenever I have completely finished with my photos and I know that I will never use them again, I delete them. If you hoard your photos you are more likely to get confused and your old photos may get muddled up with your new ones. 
What are your top tips for organising your blog photos?

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