Saturday, 13 September 2014

Things I Appreciate during Summer │ The Perks Of Meg.


Today I thought I would talk about the thing that I appreciate during Summer. Now I know it's now September and I'm back at school and I've had my summer holidays. If I'm honest this Summer has been pretty rubbish compared to 2012 and 2013 and so I'm a little disappointed but anyway here are a few things that I appreciate during summer.

A lie in /Sleeping In.

This has got to be at the top of my list. Although this Summer I've had about 2 lie ins. I'm a little disappointed but hey ho, my body has got used to waking up at the clock of dawn and just won't switch off for Summer.

Having an excuse to watch an excessive amount of tv. 

Although Summer is supposed to be the season where you spend 99.9% of your time outside in the sun, we never do. Especially in the UK. I mean we get more rain in Summer and basically that is an excuse to stay inside and watch tv. But mainly I don't want TV - I watch Disney films and I LOVE Disney films.

PJ day, every day.

Okay, so this may be a slight over exaggeration but basically when I get the chance to stay in my PJ's all day, I certainly will. I mainly do this on Sundays. My PJ's are literally the comfiest things and if I don't have to get dressed, why should I? It is slightly more acceptable to stay in your PJ's all day though.


I adore sunsets so much, they are so pretty and they just make the sky so nice and they just make me happy.

Baths and showers with nice summery products.

So, I get a bath or shower every day and let's be honest most of us do. So why do I appreciate them more in Summer? Well in Summer I tend to go shopping more, uh-oh my bank balance won't be happy. I always find the time to go to LUSH and at the moment I've been relaxing in the bath with The Comforter and I just find Showers so refreshing.


There is nothing I enjoy more than baking and Summer gives me the perfect excuse to bake like every single week. I love making Scones and brownies and yummy treats - this is making me extremely hungry.

Quiet Time

Summer is the time to sit in your bedroom and just chill. Maybe read a book or read a blog - it is your time to have a bit of me time but quietly.


Yes although the sun is quite dangerous and can lead to nasty thing including sun burn, the sun just makes people happy and so lets enjoy the sun while it lasts.

Long Walks On the Riverbank

I have a riverbank across the town from me and I love going for long walks and just having again some alone time.

Getting your long awaited results that you've been waiting for since you did your exams.

Although this can be a thing that I don't appreciate in Summer depending on my results, I do appreciate the fact that  I've waited a couple of months and you finally get them and all the nerves go away.

What things do you appreciate during Summer?

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