Sunday, 15 June 2014

Throwback Series │ Primary school.♥


So it's Sunday which means another post of my throwback series and I thought it would be nice to carry on the school theme as my last post in the series was about Playgroup. So I thought I'd do a primary school throwback too. I'm in high school now and I'm in year 10, nearly year 11 which is scary. So I thought I'd talk about my time in primary school. I start my primary school in Nursery and I loved it so much! I loved primary school from Nursery to Year 2 and then after that the enjoyment wasn't really there. I had amazing teachers throughout the whole of my time at primary and I was so much sportier than I am now. I used to always look forward to sporting events and especially sports day. I always won the running race. My primary school had lots of sporting events and I was really good at running (not so good now, what went wrong) and in Year 5 I won 4th in Cross Country which you can see below in the photo. I was so proud of this achievement and went on to compete in a big one in the local park where I came 19th. I know 19th doesn't seem very good but there was about 70 of us so it was pretty good. I also took part in a triathlon in year 5.  

I'm the second one in the photo with the brown bob. Biggest mistake ever but I was so different then.

So except for my massive part of sport in primary which I wish I did now, I actually did really well when it came to achievements. I always got 100% attendance and awards in class such as star of the day/week. I also won lots of swimming vouchers which I found useful as I learnt to swim in 9 hours which is another achievement. So while I was quite sporty and now I'm a bit of a couch potato I have decided that I should probably get fit again and go to the gym but it's so much effort. In year 8 we did a cross country type thing in pe and I came 6th which is still pretty good but I'd like to try and achieve that now as that was 2 years ago.

Is there any achievements you achieved in primary that you'd like to share? 

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