Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sometimes you need a treat │ Fruit Juice + Chocolate.♥


Sometimes you need a treat and that is very true! So I decided after long last I would try the Cadbury's dairy milk marvellous creations with jelly popping candy shells again which I must admit is delicious. I first tried it on my flight to Portugal in July 2013 and it was ace. Definitely made me feel better as it was my first time on a plane. So I got a massive bar for £2.50 and even though I don't like chocolate that much I decide to treat myself to it once in a while and I bought some Summer Fruits as well because I love fruit juice.

I also decided that I would a selfie in this post to show you my lovely flower crown which was £1.00 from Primark. 

So I treated myself to some chocolate but let's face it how can anyone resist chocolate?

What do you do to treat yourself?

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