Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Month In Photos - May .♥ #1


Today I am going to do my very first 'my month in photos' post as I see these a lot and love seeing them so I thought you might like to see these every so often. If you would let me know in the comments below. However I am going to do it for May as I have done nothing exciting recently and thought you might want to know what I got up to in May.

In May I had my exams - French and my English literature and me and my friend decided to go to Tesco and have a cuppa while doing some English revision. - They are all done and dusted now so all I have to wait for is results day.
I then painted my nails with my new Barry M nail varnish that I bought which was 308 Berry Ice Cream - I'd been wanting this for a while but I had told myself that I had loads of other nail varnishes however I caved. 
I then took a selfie haha at like midnight. I have eczema near my eye that's why it looks weird and if anyone has anything to cure it or help it - suggestions are welcome in the comments! Haha I'm so weird.
At the beginning of May it was my gorgeous little brothers birthday and he is now 4 - so we took lots of posey photos. 

Photo central haha - he's so cute. If you want to know what make up I am wearing I can do a tutorial in another post - let me know in the comments.
Finally an edited version of me and Alfie - This is up on my instagram. 
His birthday cake was Spongebob Squarepants which was made by his nana! 

I then had a bit of a pizza binge and had a ham pizza! It was delicious! 

On a bit of a healthier note I made a cottage pie all by myself and put so much cheddar on top but it was pretty good.

I then met this cute doggy! Who I walked in my half term!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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