Sunday, 22 June 2014

Throwback Series │The Body Shop Haul.♥

Hola everyone! 
Well it's Sunday and as you know I am currently having a Throwback Series, hopefully this will be carried on throughout next month too. So today's throwback is where I had a beauty type haul. It was about October time last year (2013) and I got an email from The Body Shop saying that they were having some deals and one of them was with a certain code I could spend £60 and only have to pay £30 which was fantastic and then I also got free delivery to top it all off. I am a massive The Body Shop addict and I am always spending my money in there. I really shouldn't as it doesn't do my bank balance any good but their products are so good and so worth the money. I got into The Body Shop when my Dad and my step-mum bought me a gift set of the tea tree range and from there I have just kept buying from them. I didn't really know what items I should pick as I didn't need to restock on anything but I definitely do now. Most of the products I have purchased before this and on this order have gone and I may have to go in and stock up on things over the Summer. So I bought a little bit of everything. It was going to be my birthday on the 8th so I decided to order and then pay my auntie back for these which I did and by lucky surprise my order got delivered on my birthday which was such a lovely present hehe.

I purchased the following things:

If you would like a review of any of these items then just let me know in the comments and I will do them for you.

Thanks for reading! Do you like The Body Shop?

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