Friday, 6 June 2014



Today I have a bit of a random company to introduce to you - you may have heard of them before but I certainly didn't. So may I introduce MOO. 

Moo  is a company that prints business cards and other things and well they are so cool. I decided that I wanted to trail out how good their cards were and you can get 10 cards for free so I decided to make some cards for my blog in case I want to use them for any giveaways or for presentation. 

They came in this packaging. 

Company name. 

I love how you are greeted by this card that says 'You're delightful' as it just makes your day.

I love how they have little messages on most of the packaging. It almost feels like pass the parcel aha.

My cards in the packaging. 

Back of the card with all my details on them.

Front of the card. 

and at the bottom of the box you get a quote. 
I love how imaginative the company is. I would recommend anyone with a business or anyone who wants some for their blog to get some as they are so handy. 

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