Thursday, 10 September 2015

What's In My College Pencil Case?

Hello everyone. So at the beginning of this month, you might have seen my College Haul which you can read here. I asked if you would want a 'What's In My College Pencil Case?' post and a few people on twitter said yes. So here it is. Now I may not be able to link all the products that are in this post due to me buying them in store rather than online but if there is anything I can link than I will.

My pencil case is very standard and it just says 'Pencils, Pens and All Things Nice' this is from B&M Bargains and it was only £0.99p. I find that I get cheap pencil cases because they end up getting so mucky inside from the pencils and so I just got this one. It's the perfect size for my college bag and fits everything I need in it.

Inside my pencil case I have:

Sharpener - Tesco.
Rubber - Tesco.
Vyper Ruler - Got this at the Vyper Awards at school in 2014.

I can't link to the actual Sharpener and Rubber but you can get a Sharpener and Rubber set from Tesco for £0.30p here.

Nibb Highlighters - B&M Bargains
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter (Got it as a pack of 3) - Amazon. - Buy here.

Pencils - Tesco (Came as a 10 pack) - I paid £1.00.

Berol fine liners (Pack of 12) - Amazon - Buy here.

Vyper Pen - Got it from school at the Vyper Awards in 2014.
2x College Pens - I got them from the College that I have started.
Gen Pen - I got it at school when I had to do all my green pen feedback.
3x Blue Pens - Tesco.
1x Red Pen - Tesco.
1x Black Pen - Tesco.
Z Pens (3 pack) - Amazon - Buy here.
So that's everything that I have in my College pencil case.
What do you have in your pencil case?

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