Thursday, 3 September 2015

College Haul 2015.

{Bag - New Look, Pencil Case - B&M Bargains, Calculator - Tesco, Flower Notebook  Tesco, Blue Notebook - B&M Bargains, Pug Notebook - Catseye London and Flower Case (used to have pencils in but now has fineliners) - Tesco.}

Hello everyone. So as you may or may not know this September marks a new adventure for me, a new journey and a new environment. In 4 days I will be starting college and I will be there for 2 years studying a level 3 vocational course in childcare which is equivalent to 3 A-Levels. During this time I get to go on placements but it's going to be lots of hard work but I'm ready for the challenge. So today's post is inspired by the fact that I'm starting college and so I bought a few things that I needed and thought I'd turn it into a haul. There's a few more things I need to buy but I intend to buy them just before I start so I thought I'd just show you what I have bought so far and if you're starting college this might give you some inspiration. Sadly, I bought all of these things a few months ago or I already had them and so I can't find any of the links to the products but I thought I'd show you what I bought anyway.
So the first thing I thought I'd show you is my college bag. This is a bowler bag from New Look. I actually ordered this from Asos and it was £17.99. It looks rather small and you wouldn't think you could fit anything in it hardly but I can fit everything I need in it so it's really ideal. It wasn't too expensive and you get the option of having it as a shoulder bag with the strap which I definitely will be using it as a shoulder bag but you can take them off if you want. What I really love about this bag is the closure of it. It has studs to open it and then you also have a zip so your stuff is extra secure and isn't likely to fall out. I love the design of it as it goes with everything and it was such a bargain. Very happy with this purchase.
Then in my bag I just have my 3 notebooks which will be used for different purposes. The flower one is from Tesco and I bought it for £1.50 on sale. The blue one was from B&M Bargains and it was £0.99p and the pug notebook was from Catseye London which you can get anymore but if you would like to see my review on Catseye London then you can here. The notebook was £5.
Then my calculator is from Tesco and it's just in my college bag in case I need it at any point. My calculator was £9.

Then in the flower pencil tube pot I have decided to put my Stabilo fineliners in it. I originally got this pot from Tesco and it had pencils in it but they are now in my pencil case so I decided to reuse this tube. The pencils themselves cost £1. My fineliners cost me £6 at the time but they've probably gone down in price since so I may have to invest in some more as I did buy these last year in Scotland for when my exams started and I used them so much during my exams.

 Then finally this is my pencil case which was £0.99p from B&M Bargains again. As you can see it's full of stationery; pens, pencils, ruler, highlighters and much more. If you would like a 'What's In My College Pencil Case' post then please let me know.
So that's everything I have bought so far for college. I hope you've enjoyed this little haul.


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