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September Favourites.

Hello everyone. So today I have my September favourites for you. Now you may think I've lost the plot and you can think whatever you like and I know you are meant to post a favourites post at the end of each month or at the end of the month and it's not even the middle of the month yet but I've been loving these products throughout August too, so I thought I'd do a September favourites now. Judge me if you like but ultimately I'm just showing you products that I've been loving this month and last month. 


So the first skincare item I've been loving throughout August and September so far is the *Beegood Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator. Now I'm not going to say too much about this product just yet as I have a review all about this product, going live next Sunday. So if you want to know all my thoughts on the product, stay tuned for that. Overall though I have really been loving using this product, it's gentle, it's natural and it does a good job. This item retails for £10.50.

The next skincare item I've been loving is the Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. Now if you know me by now, you'll know I have very sensitive eyes and so this product is absolutely perfect for me. It's gentle and removes eye make up almost instantly. Like most eye make up removers you do have to rub your eye with the cotton pad that you've put the product onto but there is no harsh rubbing on the eye and even though it's an eye make up remover, I use it on my face too and it removes face make up, just as well. I really love this product, the only critism I have is that I don't like the packaging. I find that the product leaks out of the bottle but other than that, I love it. I will probably repurchase in the future. This retails for £3.59.

Mouth Care:

Well I've put this under 'Mouthcare' as it is for your mouth. Okay so it's a toothpaste but I have to admit it's a good one. This is the Colgate Whitening & Fresh Breath Toothpaste. Like every other toothpaste on the market, it cleans your teeth and does that job fine but since I've been using this toothpaste, people have commented on my teeth and told me how white they look. So yes, they might not look like Simon Cowell's but they are a little whiter than normal and so I really love this toothpaste. It cleans my teeth but also it makes them a bit whiter so what more can I say. I will be repurchasing this when this runs out. You can get this for £1.00.

Make up:

The first make up item I have been loving this month is my Mally Radiant Taupe Palette. Now this was limited edition and you can no longer get this but it is beautiful. It came as part of a set and the set is great, although again it was limited edition. I think it was a QVC special that my auntie got me for Christmas one year. I actually did a Mally Review when I first started my blog and you can read it here. If you are going to read it prepare for small writing and images, I hadn't really got the idea back then. This palette is the perfect travel sized palette. It even has an eye shadow base, so you don't need to have a separate primer. The packaging is good and the eyeshadows themselves are gorgeous. They are very natural and so they are right up my street. Although you can apply them very lightly, you can also build them up to be a much deeper, darker finish. They have a satin feel and they stay on my eyelids all night. Colours from left to right; eyeshadow base, sandy nude, shimmering taupe and haze. I normally use the colour sandy nude if I am wanting to wear an eye shadow in the day and I like shimmering taupe along with haze in the crease if I am going out somewhere.

*Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara - I have really been loving this mascara, I haven't been able to find a good mascara in quite a while and so I think I've finally found one that I like. You can use this mascara and apply it lightly to create a natural look or you can apply it a bit more heavier and create a more dramatic night time look and this is probably my favourite part about this mascara. The formula is good and it doesn't leave fall down after a couple of hours which, I have found with past mascaras this is what they've done. This mascara is super affordable too at only £3.30!

*NYX Blush in the shade Angel - One of the nicest blushes I own. It is so lovely. It is so subtle and that is what I love. It is quite a highlighting blush so you could probably get away with not wearing a highlighter if you didn't want to use two different products. It's only £6.00 and for the quality I'd highly recommend it.

*Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Barely There - Now, surprisingly I'm not really a lipstick lover, which you may find really odd but I absolutely love this lipstick. It is the perfect lipstick for all year round and is pigmented and quite sheer. I've been reaching for this lipstick all of all last month and this month too and it's just a great lipstick. Super affordable too. This lipstick is only £2.29!


Again, it may come as a shock for you all but I have recently become obsessed with candles and I have been absolutely loving this *Deep Sleep Candle by Twig and Dot. I have been loving to burn this candle on a night, just before I go to bed to help me relax and it really has been helping me relax. This is the votive jar size and is £3. I have a full review of this candle and two more from Twig and Dot coming very soon on my blog.

Then finally I've been loving my *Classy Sheffield (34mm) Rose Gold Watch by Daniel Wellington. It is an absolutely gorgeous watch and it is super comfy. It goes with everything you wear too, so there is no need to worry about it matching things. I've been wearing it every day since I got it. I'm not going to talk about this in too much detail as I did a review post on this here - so if you would like to find out more, you can just read that post. This retails for £159.

Also, Daniel Wellington have kindly provided me with a promotion code so that you can get 15% off the Daniel Wellington website until September 15th. All you have to do is use the promo code; theperksofmeg in the checkout and you will get 15% off your order.
 So they are all my September Favourites! I really hope you've enjoyed this post.

What have you been loving so far in September?
*DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR samples and they are clearly identified by being marked with an * (asterisk). This does not influence my opinions or views in any way. My opinions and views are 100% honest.

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