Thursday, 24 September 2015

Twig + Dot Candles.

Hello everyone. So I'm really excited about today's post because this is the first time I have ever featured candles on my blog. It may shock you but I have fell in love with candles over summer and now I am ready to start sharing them with you. I know that candles aren't everyone's cup of tea but I personally love these candles and I want to share them, so I am.

Twig + Dot kindly sent me 3 candles, 2 of which are from their Autumn collection. These are all the votive candles and last 5-8 hours. I can confirm that my Deep Sleep candle lasted 9 hours.

Twig + Dot have designed their candles with a beautifully clean aesthetic which means they compliment every home. They have unique fragrances of the highest quality and use a custom blend of soy and mineral wax. Each candle is hand poured in Great Britain.

Twig + Dot give simple guidelines to ensure you get the maximum burn time from your candle and to ensure that the glass jar does not overheat - which is very important. You can find all these guidelines here.

Each votive jar is £3.00 with a burn time of 5-8 hours and a Net Weight of 45g.

Each large jar with a lid is £16.00 with a burn time of 30-40 hours and a Net Weight of 230g.

So what do I think about each candle?

Deep Sleep - This candle was so lovely to burn. The candle contains soothing lavender and geranium. If you didn't already know, I am a huge lover of lavender and so this candle was right up my street. The geranium in the candle is meant to be stress-reducing and because it is combined with lavender it creates a "soothing" scent. I used this candle before bed and it really helped me relax. I used to light it and then lay in bed and read a book and it was just the perfect end to a day that may have been stressful. What I loved about this candle is it burned evenly. I have found when seeing other people's reviews of candles with one wick, that they burn unevenly and so I was worried that it might happen but not with this candle. It is a delight and for £3 you really cannot go wrong. I definitely think this is an all year round candle and if you're a stressed person like me then this candle will definitely help you.

Sugar & Spice - This candle would be the perfect edition to your lead up to Christmas. I associate vanilla and cinnamon with Christmas and so it fits so well. This candle is sweet vanilla and cinnamon. It is perfect for those cosy nights where you are sat with a blanket/cover on the sofa with your hot chocolate when it's cold outside. I believe this is a limited edition scent, so it might not be always available but I really hope it sticks around because it is my favourite candle out of all 3 of them. It is such a creamy candle (can you even describe a candle as creamy??) but because it has cinnamon in it, it has a spicy kick but it is very subtle. I love cinnamon scented things, so this is dreamy. I absolutely love this candle and again it burns evenly. I would definitely invest in the large jar with the lid because it is beautiful.

Pumpkin Pie - This candle would be the perfect edition to burn on Halloween or to the lead up to Halloween. This candle is pumpkin, custard & spice and it is lovely. It's sweet but not sickly sweet and it has a good balance. Again I believe this is a limited edition scent, so it might not be always available but again I really want it to stick around because I love it. I also believe it's one of Twig + Dot's bestsellers. This candle contains notes of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and molasses are rounded out with a creamy base note of custard. Now as I've said cinnamon is one of my favourite scents, so it's really no surprise that I love this. Twig + Dot describe it as "almost good enough to eat" but it is definitely not recommended because you cannot eat candles. This scent is definitely spicy and delicious and is perfect for Autumn. It's especially great when it is getting darker on a night and all you want to do is snuggle up in front of the TV and be warm. As previously mentioned with the other candles, this candle burns evenly too and I'd definitely get your hands on it as soon as possible.

I would highly recommend Twig + Dot Candles, they are amazing quality and the scents are dreamy. They are reasonably priced and they are a perfect gift for anyone. Delivery is fast and the burn time of them is great and they will look lovely in your home.

I would like to thank Twig + Dot for allowing me to review 3 of their votive candles and for making me fall in love with their candles. Now all my family are going to have to buy me more! Especially the Sugar & Spice Candle.

Have you tried Twig + Dot Candles before? What are your candle recommendations?

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not in any way effect my views or opinions on the products. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

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