Thursday, 17 September 2015

Summer Seaside Adventures.

Hello everybody. So today's post is about the seaside. Now if you didn't already know, the seaside is my favourite place to go and I don't get to go there that often. I don't live anywhere near a beach or the seaside and I believe the closest one to me is Bridlington. I love Bridlington and have been going since I was super tiny, like maybe since I was 4? I absolutely love it and have had many memories there. So last month on the 2nd August, we decided to have a adventure and we went to the seaside. I had to get up at 7am for this but it was so worth it.

Firstly I must apologise for this photo, I forgot to take a photo of it before I got stuck into it but it was the best sausage sandwich I have ever tasted and that is why you've got this photo because I still wanted to share it with you. The bread was gorgeous and I could happily go and eat that again and again. I got a cup of tea with it and that made me happy. This was definitely worth getting up at 7am for. It was 9:15am when we arrived at this café and we stayed here for about half an hour.

Then we casually had a stroll along the streets and then I wanted to take some photos of the sea (for blogging purposes of course) and so we had a stroll around the harbour so I could take some pretty pictures of the sea. You can be the judge of my photography.

Then for dinner we went to a fish and chip restaurant because well, how can you go to the seaside and not have a fish and chip? It was called The Dolphin and it was so good. The portions were huge but never the less, it was super tasty.

Then after dinner, I went to one of the shops and got some doughnuts and we made our way home and then for the rest of the afternoon, I ate doughnuts, read a book and lit a candle.

Have you ever been to Bridlington? Do you like the seaside?

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