Tuesday, 15 September 2015

*ESQIDO False Eyelashes Review.

Hello everyone. So today's post is a review about the ESQIDO False Eyelashes and to go along with that the ESQIDO Eyelash Glue. I was very intrigued by this brand and so I felt very lucky that I had been sent these for review. Now, I don't think I've ever said this before but I have never worn false eyelashes before and so I'm not an expert in them and I am not used to wearing them because of this reason. One of the reasons I've never worn false eyelashes before, is that I never felt like I needed them because I naturally have quite long eyelashes. But I do like trying new things out and I wanted to see if wearing false eyelashes would make a difference to my make up look.

I was kindly sent the ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes. The ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes provide light volume which I think is perfect for someone like me, who isn't used to wearing false eyelashes and also for someone who wants a very natural eye look. They are very elegant and natural. This pair of mink lashes in particular features a gradient of  "increasing length and thickness across the lash band which then results in a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect" which I couldn't agree more with. They are truly beautiful.

The length of these lashes are 5-10mm and the band is a handcrafted cotton band. Not to mention their wear period of up to 25 times. They are super delicate but leave you with a gorgeous effect. They are soft and comfortable on the eye. They are handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs and that is why they are so natural looking and they give your eyes a natural lift.

As I have never tried false eyelashes before I cannot compare them against synthetic false lashes but on my first experience with false eyelashes I am very happy.

The ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes came with clear instructions on how to apply them which is perfect for anyone who has never put them on before, like me.

There were 4 simple steps:

"Remove lashes gently from tray with your hands or a tweezer, do not tug on the fur, only handle from the band."
"Fit the lashes to base of your natural lash line, trim any excess from the outer corner."
"Apply lash glue along the entire cotton band and wait a few seconds for glue to become sticky."
"Apply the lashes to base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds for it to dry."
I followed all the instructions above and used the ESQIDO Companion Eyelash Glue to stick on the ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes. I have to admit because I had never put on false eyelashes before I did find it quite tricky to measure and trim the eyelashes so that they fitted my eyes perfectly. So I kept doing it in little steps and trimming them until I was happy. Then I found applying them to my actual eye lid was quite difficult but again I'm solely putting this down to the fact I had never applied false eyelashes before. Once they were on and in the right position they actually looked really lovely. The ESQIDO Companion Eyelash Glue is so good and really does stick the eyelashes on.
The packaging is also so gorgeous. I absolutely love rose gold and so this packaging was right up my street. I loved how the ESQIDO Companion Eyelash Glue had a rose gold lid and the bottle was frosted glass. Beautiful packaging and a wonderful product.
I loved how along with the ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes they gave you instructions on how to apply them, remove them and care for them. They are very clear instructions and easy to understand. I removed them like the instructions said and have put them back into their original packaging to stay in good condition.
The ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes are $32 USD which works out at £20.48 GBP. They are definitely not the cheapest false eyelashes on the market but they are handcrafted and are definitely made to last. If you get up to 25 wears out of them that works out at less than £1 a wear. You could save yourself from buying several pairs of other cheap false eyelashes and just buy 1 pair of good false eyelashes.
The ESQIDO Companion False Eyelash Glue is $10 USD which works out at £6.40 GBP. Again, not the cheapest of glues but the quality is amazing and I would highly recommend this. I know that in generally a lot of people are funny about the eyelash glue they use as with cheaper brands normally their eyelash glue doesn't stick the eyelashes on properly and they end up falling off but this glue is perfect. You have to buy the ESQIDO Companion False Eyelash Glue separately to the lashes but I definitely think it's worth it.

On the photos above you can see how natural the eyelashes look and I got so many compliments on them. The ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes definitely give me more length and volume without looking false and that's why I love them so much.

I also know that next time I want to wear them I won't have as much difficulty because they are at the length that I need them. Overall I couldn't be more impressed. They are so worth the money and I will definitely be repurchasing these when I need to. Both the ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes and the ESQIDO Companion False Eyelash Glue are such good quality and I really cannot fault them.

Not only would I repurchase the ESQIDO Unforgettable False Eyelashes but I would love to try more of the ESQIDO False Eyelashes in their range to see how they change your make up look depending on their style.

Have you tried ESQIDO False Lashes before? Have you tried the ESQIDO Companion False Eyelash Glue?

*DISCLAIMER: These products have been sent for review purposes only. This does not affect my views or opinions on the products. My views and opinion are 100% honest.

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