Friday, 28 March 2014

*UrbanVeda Review. ♥


So today I'm reviewing the brand UrbanVeda who have kindly sent me some samples to try and I have been trying them out for a few weeks now. All these products are for oily skin and they are called Neem + Botanics. They are supposed to be 3 things:

- Pore refining
- Mattyfing
- For oil-prone skin.

"Cold-pressed pure Neem and refreshing essential oils combine to help remove impurities and prevent congestion. Our detoxifying Ayurvedic skincare helps to reduce excess sebum, refine pores and leave skin hydrated, while our bodycare invigorates tired souls, putting a zing in your step."

I received a lovely note and 3 samples.

I received samples of the Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish,  the Purifying Day Cream and the Daily Purifying Facial Wash.

Firstly I'd like to talk about the best of the 3 products which is the Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish. I have never tried a facial polish before but I have tried The Body Shop ginger polish and orange one too and they don't really give me that exfoliation I like. I also use many exfoliates but they just aren't rough enough. I realize that having a rough exfoliate can cause problems but I feel like a rough one gets the job done. So onto this product, it is a very gritty polish  and that isn't what I expected but it is so good! My skin felt so good every time I had used it  and it has a minty smell. Overall I really enjoyed this product and would definitely purchase the full product which is £8.99.

Next I want to talk about the Purifying day Cream. I'm firstly so bad with creams. Like I hardly ever moisturize and I know I should but I just can't face it because all they seem to do is make my face 10x more oily than it already is and I don't really like the texture of cream but anyway I thought I'd give this a go as it's for oil prone skin. When I applied the product it made my face feel really nice and not oily but as the day went on my face became oil overload and it was just terrible. I used the product up but I won't be buying the full product. However if you do want to purchase it, it's £14.99.
Finally onto the last sample product I received which was the Daily purifying facial wash which I found really cooling and refreshing. It definitely made my pores less visible and calmed my oily t-zone. I was very impressed with this product and a little goes a long way. I would definitely purchase the full product for the price of £7.99.

Overall I was very impressed with the products I received, thank you again UrbanVeda. I wouldn't purchase the day cream but I would definitely purchase the other two products. I love the minty smell of your products!

Have you tried Urbanveda

*Disclaimer: These samples/products were sent for review purposes only, all opinions and views are my own and this review is 100% honest.

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