Sunday, 23 March 2014

My favourite Jumper of all time ♥

I can't believe we are nearly at the end of March! Where has March gone? The months keep rushing by meaning it is getting closer and closer to my exams and my work experience which I am really looking forward to my work experience. Have any of you got any exams? 

Anyways before I start having a meltdown about all my scary exams I will carry on with today's post which is about my favourite jumper of all time! I have had this jumper for 2 years now and it only cost me about £4/£5 from Primark. It was in the October season of 2012 and I really needed some winter/autumn clothes and I picked this up. It is still slightly a bit too big for me and I think it is in a size 12. I loved the colours of it and I love how it is so comfy and warm.

Although my photography skills are rubbish and as I don't have a tripod or camera I am having to do it like this; here's my favourite jumper.

I thought I'd put it on a coat hanger to show you it better, it is shorter at the front than it is at the back and it is stripey. It kind of reminds me of me listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat but that is another tale.

I know most people don't like Primark but I do think some of the stuff they sell is so nice and this has been so long lasting and it still is. 

I just thought I'd share with you my favourite jumper.

Thanks for reading! 

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