Sunday, 30 March 2014

Rings and Tings ♥

Hello everyone!

Today's post is about a Company called Rings and Tings and wow what a company, their jewellery is absolutely brilliant. I received my jewellery pieces in one week which I thought was pretty good and I was so pleased to open this little package of absolute joy which had some of the nicest jewellery I've seen in it. I feel like with jewellery you have to have a story with it or you have to know when to wear them etc so today I will be showing you my lovely jewellery pieces and telling you a story and when I'm going to wear them.

So I better get started! 

These are all the lovely jewellery pieces. 

These are the vintage charm bracelets which have the charms of a lucky clover, a butterfly and a love heart which I think they're super cute. I will wear these more in summer as I feel that they are summery and nice for an adjustable bracelet, nothing too heavy and they go with everything. 

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Next I have this bow ring which is the cutest thing ever. I love rings with minimal decoration and something that is a bit girly but goes with everything and this definitely does. I will be wearing this when I have a bow in my hair and a spotty dress or something really cute which will reflect the cuteness of the ring. 

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Buy Here.
This ring is very unique and I have never had a ring like it, I really like how it is a separative kind of ring and I would wear it all year round.
So these are all my beautiful rings. 

Here is the vintage style telescope necklace.

It has a really long chain.

Close up on the binocular charm.

This is how long it is.

Close up again - while wearing.

I love this piece so much! It gives me so many stories I could describe it with however I'm going to say that It will go with many outfits of mine and I will probably wear it while I'm out and about because it will be like I'm exploring or if I'm at a party because I got me looking for someone. I think this is one of the nicest pieces I've ever seen and I just love it. 

This is my crystal clover ring. 

Close up.
I love this ring, I feel like someone very special when I wear it. It's all sparkly and I think it has either crystals or gems in it and it's so gorgeous. I would wear this for more special occasions or to look smart. 

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Thanks for reading and what items do you like?

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