Saturday, 15 March 2014

*Mr Big Tops Review. ♥

Hello everyone!

So a few days ago I received a lovely box of yummy sweets from a company called Mr Big Tops  and I'd like to thank them for sending me a box to try. So firstly it came through my letterbox. As I'm at school and most of the time nobody is in the house it's very difficult when the postman comes and can't fit something through my letterbox, well I didn't have to worry as I knew it was letterbox size. This is one of the great things but there are many others, that I will tell you. 

Mr Big Tops is a company that sends traditional sweets through the post. The box has push and peel lids so each corner can be opened like an advent calendar to reveal all the yummy sweets. The box contains a few bundles of 375g of different sweets. The packaging is recyclable. I love the packaging! It's so bright and really intriguing.  On the website you can choose from over 60 sweets, they have all been picked by the Mr Big Tops taste gurus and traditional sweet experts which is again very reassuring. 
Luke Booth, Co-founder of Mr Big Tops said,

"Being lovers of sweets, we have found it more and more difficult to buy a wide range of traditional sweets that we used to eat as kids. Bad quality remakes and large single sweet packs that cost over £40.00 to get free delivery just doesn't do it for us. So we decided to create an online website where you can pick and mix sweets that you love and then get them sent to your door in a fun box! To top it off delivery is FREE!"

As I carefully opened all the corners I was pleasantly surprised by all the sweets I got. I got a total of 9 different types of sweets and I was very happy. I will list them all below.

I got:

1x packet of refreshers.
1x packet of fried eggs.
1x packet of drumsticks.
1x packet of bananas.
1x packet of cola bottles.
1x packet of flying saucers.
1x double dip.
2x fizz wizz popping candy.

Overall I am very happy with my box that I have received and would definitely recommend this company if you're wanting a gift or a reward scheme for your child/children.

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Disclaimer: Even though this product was sent for review, this review is 100% honest.

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