Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rimmel Nude Lipstick VS MUA red lipstick. ♥

Hello everyone!

Today's post is another product vs product which I have decided that today's products are lipsticks. Lipsticks are a key element of any make up look so which one do I prefer...

MUA lipstick in the shade 13. Available here for only £1.00.

Shade 13 is the swatch on the left.
Me wearing the MUA lipstick in Shade 13.
- Cheap
- Good colour.
- Lasts about 3 hours on your lips.
- Nice packaging. 
- Comes with a tiny pot on the end.

- Smudges really easily. 
- Can stain your face.
- Doesn't seem available in the Superdrug in my town very often (this could just be my store though).

Rating out of 10: 5/10

Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight, available here for £6.49. 

The packaging is very simple, it is is dark purple but I love how simple it is.

Swatch of Rimmel Nude Delight.

Me wearing Rimmel Nude Delight, it is a really pale shade however I prefer light/nude shades to bright lipsticks.

- Lasts 3/4 hours.
- Looks natural.
- It's quite a matte finish.

- I feel like it is a bit on the pricey side, £6.49 for a lipstick is expensive considering the Barry M lipsticks are only £4.19.
- Can look cakey.

Rating out of 10 - 6/10 

Therefore Rimmel's Nude Lipstick wins. 

What is your favourite? Any recommendations for lipsticks? 

Thanks for reading!

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