Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Perfume Collection 2015.

Hello everyone. So today's post as suggested by the title is where I talk about my current perfume collection. Just before Christmas I had used all my old perfume's up so all of my current perfume collection is what I got for Christmas. Now I must start by saying I am absolutely rubbish at describing scents so if you have any of these perfumes and you think I am or have described them wrong, I am very sorry but how I describe them is just how they personally smell to me. 

The first perfume in my collection is the Ted Baker - For women (30ml). This scent is really hard to describe, it's just really strong but has a perfume sort of smell. It doesn't smell fruity or florally. It's a nice perfume though, not my favourite but the design is probably my favourite part of the perfume. You can buy this perfume in a set for £14.99.

Next in my perfume collection is Gucci - Flora (30ml). This perfume smells florally and expensive and I'm just in love with the scent. The packaging of this perfume is just so cute and luxurious. I actually got sent this from the lovely so if you would like to here all about the company and the perfume then you can read here.  You can get this perfume for £33 on the website.

The next perfume in my collection is Lady Gaga - Fame (30ml). This perfume is super fruity and I just love it. Probably my favourite out of my collection in all honesty. It is so beautiful and the packaging is so unique. When you spray this onto your wrist the spray is black which is very unique and I have never had a perfume like this. You can get this in a gift set currently for £12.99.

The last perfume in my collection is the Marks and Spencers - Butterfly (90ml). This perfume smells quite cheap, it's definitely my least favourite. I feel like it is supposed to smell florally but I'm just not feeling it. The packaging isn't the best either but you do get a lot of the product. You can buy this perfume for £10 so again it isn't the most expensive.

My perfume collection isn't huge but it takes me ages to get through one perfume so these will last me a long time.

So there is my current perfume collection. Have you tried any of these perfumes and what are your thoughts?


  1. Alice Brocklebank22 February 2015 at 17:41

    I haven't sampled any of these fragrances, but I love the sound of Gucci flora! I like to spray my scents onto my scarves and coat to make the fragrance last, but I'd be scared to that with the Lady Gaga one! My favourite fragrance is D&G L'imperatrice :)

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


  2. Great collection!

    The Lady Gaga perfume sounds interesting.

    Leanne xx


  3. I absolutely love my Gucci perfume! Yes me too! Haha I know it is rather weird! Omg I've never tried it, I'll have to find a bottle of it and smell it! x

  4. Thanks Leanne! It is! I've never owned anything like it! xx

  5. I Love light floral scents, should totally give flora by Gucci a try!
    Nice to meet you through #PABChat girl! ;)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  6. I am working my way through my huge collection of perfume before I buy any more. No idea how I've managed to collect so much. I like sweet floral scents but have such a mix.


  7. Lady Gaga is such a guilty pleasure for me - I also really like minajesty from nicki minaj (and it helps that the bottle is amazing, too!)

    Sammy xo.

  8. Me too! Definitely! Lovely to meet you through #PABChat too ;) x

  9. Best way! I only have a very small collection! Hehe! It's good to have a mix x

  10. It is lovely isn't it! I haven't tried that but I may have to! xo