Thursday, 26 February 2015

Make Up Solutions.

I'm sure we've all been there. Trying to find everything early on a monday morning with one eye shut and then when trying to put on your makeup, still half asleep, you will go and drop your blusher and it smashes. Or something else can occur where your eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil just snaps in half. A nightmare! So while you contemplate giving up about life, I have some handy tips and tricks for you on how to solve some of the situations you may get into with your make up. Whether it be a smashed up powder, snapped lipstick or any other beauty disaster! 

Dried-Out Mascara

If you are someone like me who has a favourite mascara that has dried out or you just haven't opened it for more than 6 months (the recommended use time) then don't panic because all you have to do is add a few drops of saline solution or eye drops to the bottle and give it a little bit of a mix with the want and you are sorted! Your mascara is fixed! I have to admit I tend to throw away my mascara if it dries out and if I've had it for ages because all I can think about is the bacteria! 

Smashed Eyeshadow

I have been there and have certainly smashed a few eyeshadows in my time. Last year I smashed two of my MAC eyeshadows and trust me, I was devastated. However I didn't panic, as all I did was smash it up some more and then I transferred it into a little pot and then now I use it as a loose-powder pigment. I hate to waste product so this was a life saviour! 

Broken Compact Powder

I can't say I have ever broken a compact powder, not yet anyway. However if you have or do ever have this problem put clingfilm over the broken powder and crush the rest of it up with the back of a spoon. Then put no more than 3 drops of 70% rubbing alcohol and smooth the mixture together with a spoon. Then leave to set for 30 minutes and voila your powder is fixed! 

Snapped Lipstick

Again, I have had this trouble and in fact it has been with two of my lipsticks last year. I was too lazy of course to do this step. My lipstick was too broken and warming it back up was not the solution. However this method could be perfect for you. Warm up the base of the broken off bit of your lipstick with a lighter (please be careful) and then gently press it back onto the other part. Leave it in the fridge to set for an hour or how much time you think it needs. If your lipstick is too broken to fix just like mine were than you can make it into a lipstick palette. Microwave a small amount and put into a little dish.

Bashed Up Blusher

Have you ever broken your blusher up into lots of pieces by knocking it off the side? Don't fear because you can turn your broken blusher into a cream blusher. All you have to do is put your blusher into a pot, squirt your favourite moisturiser in the pot and mix until it turns into a paste. Then add in some primer so it holds a little better and keep mixing until you're happy with the colour and texture.

What make up solutions do you have?


  1. I can't believe how long it's been since I popped by! Hi!
    These are great tips by the way. I'm always trying to eke out my favourite mascaras even when they're dried up and manky!

  2. Super cool. I recently broke my blush, so the cream blush option is pretty interesting to read about.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. Hehe I know! I've missed you! Hello! Thank you! Me too! x