Wednesday, 18 February 2015

*Miners Cosmetics.

Hello everyone. So today I have a post for you that should have gone up quite a while a go. I received these products from the lovely Miners Cosmetics back in October but because I schedule my posts in advance, I have just been able to fit this in now.

Now onto the products...

The first product I received was the *Moisture Effect Lipstick in Kiss Me Quick. I really like the simplicity of the packaging and I love how you can see what the colour actually is. I would describe this lipstick as a bright orange/ coral shade and I must admit it's not something I'd go for normally because I just love neutral colours but it is a really nice shade for someone who is a bit more daring. This lipstick definitely warms up your complexion which for Winter is perfect. This lipstick is £2.49.

The next product I received was the *Dip and Define Eye Powder in the shade Damson Dust. I absolutely adore this product and would say that it's probably my favourite out of the 4 items. It is a great size so you could travel with it, it's so easy to apply as it already has a special applicator in it and it is the most gorgeous shade. You would expect this shade to be very noticeable but it is a really delicate plum shade with silver metallic flicks. This shade is very flattering for green and brown eyes which I have brown eyes. I would highly recommend this product and I can't wait to buy some more of these. This is only £2.99 too!

The next product I received was the *Define and Line Liquid Eyeliner in the shade blue. Now again, I'm not very daring when it comes to eyeliner and especially liquid. I haven't used liquid eyeliner in years! I find it so difficult to use and it just ends up going everywhere. I now use felt tip liners which are much more suited to myself and I always go for the classic black.So this eyeliner is both daring in shade but also in application. The wand does make it a little bit easier to apply but it wasn't my favourite product - mainly because of the shade. However if you're into liquid eyeliners I think this product would be perfect for you and at only £1.99 it is a bargain!

The last product I received was the *Colour and Kohl Eyeliner in the shade blue. Again this matches the liquid eyeliner but pencil eyeliner is again a thing that I got out of very quickly. I used pencil eyeliner about 2/3 years ago and I used to look like a panda! I was 13 okay? However I am definitely willing to give this eyeliner another go but during summer when I personally feel I can wear more daring colours however it is a great consistency and at only £1.49 it is very affordable!

{Up to down: Moisture Effect Lipstick in Kiss Me Quick, Define and Liner liquid eyeliner in blue,
Colour and Kohl Eyeliner in Blue and Dip and Define eye powder in Damson Dust}

So they are all the products I have so far tried from Miners Cosmetics and even though most of them are a bit too daring for me or they don't suit my style anymore, they are good products and very affordable and I would definitely recommend them. I would again like to thank Miners Cosmetics for sending me these items.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried anything from Miners Cosmetics

*DISCLAIMER: These products have been sent for review purposes only, all views and opinions expressed are 100% honest and are my own.


  1. I've never come across Miners products before! Love the lipstick though, it would be perfect for summer! I used to be quite a fan of blue eyeliner too so they look great ;)

    Velvet Blush

  2. I have to say this is my first discovery of them! I totally agree! Hehe! x