Friday, 6 February 2015

*Flamingo Gifts Review.

Hello everyone. So today I have a review for you today and it is of the company Flamingo Gifts. Now I am firstly going to apologise for the quality of these photos. I was taking these photos when it wasn't quite bright enough outside but I needed to take them before I went out because I had to go to the hospital etc and it has all being very manic. So please forgive me, I feel awful. Flamingo Gifts pride themselves on offering unique gifts and I must admit they do have a very interesting range of items to choose from. I was kindly allowed to pick a few items off the website to review and I'm going to tell you my thoughts and feelings on the products. I must thank Flamingo Gifts for sending me these items. So now onto the items I received...

The first item I received was this *Happy Jackson Yay Lunch box and I believe this is from the company Wild & Wolf. I've actually been looking for a new lunch box for school as my other lunchbox was a boring plastic see through thing that just didn't brighten up my bag. I have actually lusted after one of these lunch box's for ages and I was so happy to receive it. It's actually crazy how much food you can fit into it and it is perfect for travel. It is also £5.94 which I'd say is pretty reasonable so I am very happy indeed.

The next item I received was this *teapot chalk board from Sass and Belle - who I absolutely adore! Their items are so cute! Now if you don't already know I am from Yorkshire and I drink so much tea therefore I thought it was very fitting. I may even at times use it for blog posts and quotes as well as what I am currently using it for which is a to do list. It is so cute and handy and you can hook it up on your wall if you would like. This is £4.25 so it is a really affordable gift and looks lovely anywhere in the house!

The next item I got was again from Sass and Belle and it is their *Owl Shaped Trinket Box. Now I've never had a trinket box and I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to store my rings or precious necklaces or somewhere I can keep memories items in. I absolutely love the inside of the trinket box and it is made from ceramic. It is a perfect little gift for anyone and would love super cute on a dressing table and at only £6.75 it really is a great affordable gift!

The last item I received were these amazing  *luxury heatable Bagpuss slippers! I was so excited when I saw these as I had never seen Bagpuss slippers and I had never had heatable slippers before - so both concepts were hands down a winner.

When I took them out of the packaging they looked super cute but they are really quite heavy! All you have to do with these slippers is put them in the microwave for two minutes and then put them on your feet and instantly your feet get warm. These are great for winter and a great way to keep your feet warm, away from the cold. What I also love about these slippers is that they have a scent of lavender in the slippers as well and lavender is one of my favourite scents! I also love how these will fit sizes from 3-8! Which means they will basically fit most pairs of feet! These slippers are great for anyone who struggles to keep their feet warm or if they just love Bagpuss. These are £16.99 so they aren't the cheapest of slippers but they are great quality and well worth the money.

So that is everything I got from Flamingo Gifts I would 100% recommend this website for if you are looking for a gift for someone as they have everything; candles, slippers, notebooks, homeware! Anything you could possible want and at very affordable prices! I would again like to thank Flamingo Gifts for sending me these items and for having a lovely customer service!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried Flamingo Gifts?

*DISCLAIMER: These products have been sent for review purposes only, all opinions expressed are 100% honest and are my own.


  1. Love it. Everything is actually really cute. Those slippers look perfect for cold feet.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. I have this lunchbox! I use it at school and being a year 11 with a bright yellow lunchbox I do get some funny looks, I love it though!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. Thank you! Totally agree! They are! They save my feet! x

  4. It's one of my best new additions to my school bag! Haha! Yep I feel you, I'm in Year 11 too and I get funny looks but it makes me happy so that's all that matters! x

  5. Everything you got is so adorable~ Especially that little lunch box <3

    She Will Be

  6. So cute lovin the lunch box and slippers xoxo

  7. How cool are those slippers!? xx

  8. Hehe I love the lunch box! <3 xx

  9. Ohh I love all the things you got! Those slippers are the best, I always have freezing feet and these would be ideal! Think I will buy some for my mum too!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  10. Hehe! They really are! Me too! I am always cold! Hehe you definitely should! x

  11. i love the lunch box! it's so cute

    from helen at

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  12. The little lunch box is adorable, I need this in my life... First I need to start making lunch to take to work with me haha.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  13. Totally agree! Thanks for popping by Helen! x