Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Coming Soon in February to ThePerksOfMeg...

Hello everyone. So last month I started off the 'Coming Soon to The Perks Of Meg' thing on my blog and I got a great response from it. If you didn't see last months than you can read it here. The idea behind these posts is that you get an insight into what is to come on my blog and it means that you can see if there may be a post that takes your fancy. Now, as I mentioned before this post won't include everything that is to come up on my blog in the month but it has a few sneak peaks so that you can know when a certain post is going live. Under the following photos I will give a brief description about each post that is to come and when it will be going live on my blog. I hope you enjoy! 

'Cocoa Brown Gift Set - A Valentine's Suggestion' - This post will feature a gift set which is full of great Cocoa Brown products; Tough Stuff, Chocolate Whip and the 1 Hour Tan Mousse. This post is to give you a suggestion of what you might want for Valentine's Day if you love fake tan or Cocoa Brown. 

Post goes live - 11th February 2015.

'Joma Jewellery' - This post will feature a very pretty piece of Joma Jewellery that I got for Christmas which you may know about if you saw my 'What I Got For Christmas 2014' post, but if you didn't and want to read it then you can here. I will be talking about the brand and what I think of this piece of Jewellery.

Post goes live - 19th February 2015.

'My Perfume Collection 2015' - This post will feature all my perfumes that I currently own and what I think of them. You may have seen these in my 'What I Got For Christmas 2014' post again, which you can read here. But in this post I will go into detail about what I love about these perfumes.

Post goes live - 21st February 2015.

'February Empties' - This post is where I feature any empties that I may have had during the month of February, along with my opinions on the products and if I would repurchase any.

Post goes live - 23rd February 2015.

So that was my Coming Soon in February post! I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope some of the posts that I have planned will interest you! 

Have a great evening! 


  1. I love the idea of this, must have missed your last post :(
    I'm far to disorganized for a post like this myself

  2. Thank you! Hehe there is a link if you want to! I have to say I do struggle but at least I know some of the content I am posting! xx