Sunday, 8 February 2015

My February Advertisers.

Hello everyone so today's post is about my February advertisers. I have started advertising on my blog again and would love some advertisers for next month. It is £1 a month for a feature in a post (advertisers post), you will get a tweet mentioning your blog and you will be in my sidebar. I think this is pretty reasonable and I love sharing the blog love. So without further ado here is my first advertiser of the month...

So this is Iyana which Iyana describes her name as 'like a banana but with an I' which really amused me as I like how she has a good sense of humour. Iyana is the girl who runs the little blog across the sphere called GlowingWithEnvy which Iyana says she doesn't know where she got the name from but she says that it almost 'captures' her 'mildly neurotic personality'. On GlowingWithEnvy you should expect to see mainly beauty articles and fashion posts although sometimes you can expect to see an odd recipe. Also Iyana says that she will publish posts that are more of a keepsake for example photos of her loved ones, memories and thoughts and feelings - this happens once in a blue moon! I really love Iyana's blog, especially the layout and if you would like to pop on over to her blog you can click here.

My next advertiser of the month is Mimi. Mimi is a lover of all things beauty and fashion and decided to share the love with all those who might listen and this is what she is here to do. Mimi, like myself  is a teen who loves trying new make-up and is on the hunt for high street dupes. While doing this she hopes to find her 'Holy-Grail' products and she even gets frowned at by her parents for spending too much on beauty products. Mimi says that she will also do the occasional post on fashion such as a haul or lookbook. Mimi also loves to know if there is anything in particular that her readers would be interested to read about. Mimi has the blog Mimi's Beauty and if you would like to pop on over then you can here!

My third advertiser this month is Estelle from the blog Let Me Go xo. Estelle describes her blog name that makes many people sing 'Let It Go' when they see it on their Twitter timeline which I feel is really cute. Estelle blogs about anything and everything that pops into her head. Estelle says she likes to pretend that she knows what she is talking about regarding beauty but she says she can't even do winged eyeliner - which in all honesty neither can I! Estelle's blog is full of A* sarcasm, witty comments and poor puns and if you would like to read more click over to Estelle's blog here. I must add I absolutely love Estelle's photography and blog layout! You go gurl! 

My fourth and final advertiser this month is Ash from the blog Violet Dreams. Violet Dreams is a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog with plenty of beauty reviews, a handful of outfit posts and a few photography and food related posts chucked in for good measure. If you would like to pop over to Ash's blog then you can click here. Again I absolutely love the layout of this blog! 

So there is all my February Advertisers! Do click on their blogs and give them some love! 

Thanks for reading!