Friday, 9 January 2015

What I've Won #4.

Hello everyone. So you may have seen in my 'Coming Soon to The Perks Of Meg' post that this post was going live today. Indeed it is. If you want to find out what else is going to be on my blog this mont, you can see a sneak peek from my 'Coming Soon to The Perks Of Meg' post which you can read here.

So onto today's post. As you can tell by the title, this is another What I've Won post and I have to give it to you, I have been extremely lucky. You may have seen my long overdue 'What I Won' post at the end of December last year. If you want a read, then feel free to click here. Well last month I was lucky enough to win a twitter giveaway which Bourjois held.

I was just casually at school and a few days before I had RTed the tweet which was the giveaway, I never expected to win! There would be 5 winners and I just happened to be one of them. I remember when the notification came through to my phone and I just sat there so shocked and I just couldn't believe I'd won. I emailed Bourjois my address and within 2 days my prizes had arrived. For this giveaway in particular Bourjois had teamed up with Tangleteezer and that is why it is in this post.

I firstly want to talk about my Tangleteezer that I won because although these have been going around the blogosphere for so long, I have never had the urge to buy one. I always thought a hair brush was a hair brush and in all honestly, I thought they were quite overpriced. However now that I have one and that I've used it. I can happily say that I would buy another. I received the compact styler which is perfect for me. I can just throw it in my back and get it out on the go and it's just the perfect size. My hair feels really silky once I have used it and it's just a dream. I feel stupid that I have never been into the 'hype'. You may have seen me write before that I'm not a 'hype' girl and I'm really not. I prefer not to go with the 'hype' and sometimes I really should because I miss out on some really good products.

Now onto the Bourjois products...

So the first Bourjois product that I am going to be talking about is the Bourjois Mega Liner which is in ultra black and is supposed to last 24 hours. It is really similar to my Collection 24 hour extreme felt tip liner, in the respect that it is black and is a felt tip. This nib that the Bourjois Mega Liner is really clever as you can either create big lines or thin lines, depending on the look what you are going for. I really like this product and can't wait to use it. By swatching it on my hand, it gave me an indication on how it will be on the eye and it glides effortlessly which is great. This product retails for £7.49.

The next make up item I got was the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in the shade 05 Red Island, which is a gorgeous red shade. I'd say it's quite a pinky red but it is a lovely red that I would be confident to wear on a daily basis. The formula of this crayon is great, it is so glossy and it glides onto the lips. It has good colour pay off. At first it is quite moisturising on the lips but I did find that after wearing it for 2 hours my lip became quite dry. Overall, it is one of the nicest lip crayons I have tried. The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons retail for £7.99.

The last products I won, were these Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polishes. I got a lovely red shade called Rouge In Style (11) and I got a top coat which was in 45 Glitterizer and this was a silver leaf effect. These nail polishes dry so quickly. I wouldn't say they dry in 1 second but they do dry pretty fast.The gel formula is so sleek and it's just great. I love the silver leaf effect too and combined together they would look lovely. I'm not sure if these are limited edition for Christmas or discontinued or something but I can't seem to find these shades. The Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polishes retail for £5.99.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it has been more of a 'What I Won' post but with a review too.

Have you tried any of these products and what do you think?


  1. Lucky girl! I've got those nail polishes and they're lovely. xx


  2. Congratulations on winning! ^ w ^

  3. Hehe indeed I am! They really are! I'm not sure why I never got them before xx