Sunday, 25 January 2015

Disappointing Products #1.

Hello everyone. So today is a post where I share some disappointing products. Now as always I'm sure other people may disagree and say that they love these products, but these are just my opinions. Personally I didn't get along with these products but if you have tried these products I would love to know your thoughts in the comments. I also didn't take a photo of all the items but I will link the items and tell you my thoughts on them. I also want to point out that I do not like to pull any company down about a certain product they have may produced, as I may like other products from them, just not this in particular. I see these posts quite a lot in the blogosphere and thought today would be a good opportunity to share mine with you. 

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sorbet - This is one of those products that I gave into the hype and I was so wrong to do so. I thought this product was going to be amazing and it just wasn't. I did quite like the colour, it was quite a nice pink and at first the consistency was creamy. However I had this product 2 months and then after that, every time I applied it, it would flake off like dry skin and it just felt awful on my lips. It also broke off and couldn't be fixed and so most of the product when in the bin which was disappointing, considering the price which is £7.99. I would definitely not repurchase this product.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Gel Kit - I was lucky enough to have won this in a giveaway, however it is the most disappointing product I have ever used. Even a whitening toothpaste worked better than this. In this kit you get a teeth guard (I think that's what it is), a brush, a tube of the whitening gel, instructions and a light that you use to shine on your teeth when you have the gel on them. Firstly when my parcel arrived, the teeth guard thing (clear) was broken therefore I had difficulties when putting it in my mouth and the light ran out after 3 weeks, which is disappointing. Mostly, this product was disappointing because I didn't see the results people said I should have and I just wouldn't recommend this product. Since I received this product I believe that smile brilliant have changed their packaging and have removed this particular kit off their website. 

*Beauty UK nail polish in Rouge Rendezvous - This product really disappointed me actually as I thought it was going to be a lovely nice red. I was kindly sent this for review by Beauty UK to finish off a halloween tutorial which I did here but I didn't end up using this colour as I used another one. However I have used this nail varnish and I used it around Christmas time I was disappointed with this product mainly because when I applied this in some parts where I had painted the nail it was darker than the other and it made my nails look horrible. I'm not sure if this was the point in the nail varnish but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. However I love the name of this product and I actually do generally, really love Beauty UK nail polishes but this one was a no from me. These retail for £2.99, which is pretty reasonable and therefore wouldn't mind paying this price for a Beauty UK nail polish however this one, I wouldn't. 

The last product that I found disappointing was this Lush Dark Angel Face and Body Cleanser - Me and this, did not get along. I actually love Lush products but this one wasn't a favourite. I actually won this on twitter when Lush were doing a few competitions and I am so grateful of course! I love trying new products from brands and so I enjoyed being able to try a product like this as I had never previously done that. This cleanser because it has ingredients of rhassoul mud and charcoal powder, it didn't exactly smell the best. This wasn't the only thing that put me off but also this cleanser was so messy to use and it just made my bath murky and I didn't see any improvements in my skin when I used this. However I will happily admit that I have loved most other Lush products that I have tried. This product is £6.75 for 100g and £16.88 for 250g.Therefore it's not the cheapest product in the world however I do love that this brand is against animal testing and uses organic and fresh ingredients.

So that is all the disappointing products I have to share with you all, what disappointing products have you had recently and what are your opinions on these products? I would just like to say also that just because most of these products were sent for either review or giveaway purposes, this has no effect on my opinion for them as I give 100% honest reviews and my opinions do not change because of this and they are 100% my own.


  1. I haven't tried that cleanser but I did try Angels on Bare Skin, which I actually loved! I feel like Dark Angels would be a lot messier because it's darker and has charcoal in it...and I think its for oily skin types as well? Definitely wouldn't work for my skin :< Lovely reviews, I love reading 'regret' posts like these. They give me a deeper insight on lots of products.

  2. I've never tried the Revlon lip butter in Sorbet but I actually love most of the other ones!

  3. that's so sad that dark angels didn't work out for you! it's my holy grail, but i suppose it can't work for everyone. i love using it as a body scrub.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  4. too bad about the lush one, i haven't tried that one but i usually love all of their stuff!

    xx danielle //

  5. I know! I was so disappointed! Oh wow! Maybe I picked up a bad one! I'm not sure! They definitely won't be on my repurchase list sadly! x

  6. Oh I might have to try that! It is very messy! I believe it is for oily skin types as well which I do have an oily/combination skin! I know I'm the same! x

  7. I was so looking forward to using it but it just didn't work :( Very true! x

  8. I know! I do love Lush! Especially Snow Fairy! xx