Thursday, 15 January 2015

ThePerksOfMeg 's 1st Blog Birthday.

Hello all you lovely people that read my blog. Today is a very special day if you didn't know already, it's my blog's 1st Blog birthday. It is actually mad, I never thought I would have stuck to blogging for this long and it's something that I have enjoyed so much. Now I know you are all wondering if there is a giveaway and I'm happy to announce that there will be, just not quite yet. I will have the giveaway post up as soon as possible but I just wanted to mainly do this post to thank you all a huge amount for supporting me with my blog. By commenting, emailing me, following my blog. It means a huge amount! I cannot even believe I have reached 768 followers on my blog in a year! That is such an achievement for me and I'm so happy that people enjoy what I do. The blogging community is such a big part of my life and although sometimes blogging gets difficult. You aren't in the best minds to blog or you are up to your neck in coursework, homework and even the stress of exams. Being in Y11 hasn't made blogging very easy but I still intend to carry on and even if I only put up 1 post a week, at least there is something. However I'm just going to blog as much as I can and enjoy this experience. I also cannot believe that I have reached 26,896 page views. That probably doesn't seem like such a big deal but to me, it really is.I never in a million years thought that one person would read my blog so, to get 768 followers and 26,896, it is truly mind blowing for me.

Thank you all so so much! 


  1. We share a blog birthday - congratulations on your year of blogging and good luck with the next twelve months. Stephen :o)