Monday, 19 January 2015

Current Book Wishlist #1.

Hello everyone. Today I thought I would share my current book wishlist. I have never done one of these before and thought it might be nice. I'd love to know your book recommendations in the comments.

You may or may not know, but I am a huge baking fan, I love to bake and cook and you may have seen some of my DIY recipes on my blog before. If you haven't I will put a list here:

DIY posts on ThePerksOfMeg:

These are the DIY posts that I have put up on my blog so far but there will be lots more coming to my blog this year. 

Here are the links to all the books that are on my wishlist:

The idea behind my wishlist of books is that I want to expand my baking and cookery book collection and I also really want some other random books to add to my collection.

I hope you've enjoyed this short but different post today.

Have a lovely day!


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  2. i bought my mum the tom kerridge book for xmas and it's so good!

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  3. Hehe I can't wait to purchase it x