Saturday, 31 January 2015

*Dream Dots Review.

Hello everyone. So firstly I would like to apologise for the terrible lighting for these photos. I took these a month a go and well I chose to do it at night, after school. How very foolish. So again, I am very sorry. Onto the post now though, today I am reviewing Dream Dots  and I would like to thank them for sending me these for review. I was very excited to try them to see if they would live up to my expectations.

The packaging itself is quite simple but has everything you would want to know about the product and I think this is good.

Dream Dots will help you say "goodbye to spots" and trust me, they really do work. I didn't really think they would work. In December I had a lot of angry and red spots. Dream Dots came in handy. I placed a Dream Dot onto the spot after I had cleansed my face and left it on while I was sleeping (so for 8 hours) and when I peeled it off in the morning and then washed my face, the spot had reduced in size which was brilliant. It also wasn't as red, making it less noticeable.

I have done this on every red spot since and my skin has just improved greatly. They are a good investment and I would highly recommend them. I mean let's be honest here, waking up to have a spot at the surface looking all angry and red, is not what a woman wants. I have tried many products to zap and reduce my spots but none of them have worked as quick and effectively as Dream Dots.

So you may be wondering how I found out about them and well, I had seen lots of beauty bloggers on twitter and on their blogs reviewing Dream Dots and so I decided I wanted to at least have a chance of reviewing this product.

According to the Dream Dots website:

' A Dream Dot isn't simply a sticker - it's a unique super absorbent cross - linked hydro matrix patch'. Which in simple terms they're tiny, thin and clear waterproof discs with an adhesive side containing a gel, which when applied over your blemish and left overnight, it should create an environment that will hopefully (fingers crossed) help to heal your blemish by reducing the anger, redness and inflammation.

Dream Dots work by acting like a second skin (this is definitely a weird thing to say, I know) but it creates a moist healing environment by maintaining the ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels that you need to allow the blemish to heal itself overnight without any outside irritants. Basically in short words it protects your spot. 

While you sleep the little patch will swell up and turn white because it absorbs the badness excreted from the blemish, so that when you remove the patch when you wake up in the morning, you should be able to see a visible reduction in redness and size, which I did. I like how the patch turns white because this way, you definitely know that it is doing something to your skin.

Before applying a Dream Dot onto the skin, make sure you have cleansed your face or this is what I do anyway. Then you can apply it onto clean, dry skin (on the blemish of course) and leave it on overnight and you won't have to worry. Leave it on for at least 6-10 hours, so that it has plenty of time to work. On the other hand if you don't plan to go anywhere you could wear one in the house, during the day. Although you may get some funny looks if you forget you are wearing one and answer the door or go to the supermarket. They do turn quite invisible at night but you can see them a bit clearer during the day.

I would say that when you remove your Dream Dot in the morning, do wash your face or cleanse because I did find that once you remove it, there is a sticky residue on your face. It is probably bacteria, so I'd definitely wipe it away.

A pack of twenty-four dots costs €14.95 and the larger pack of forty-eight will cost you €24.95.

You can buy them on their website here or at some pharmacies nationwide. 

Have you tried Dream Dots?


  1. I have been using these but really haven't seen a great difference which is disappointing :( Glad they work for you though :) xx

  2. I suppose it depends maybe on your skin type, I'm not really sure! I'm sorry to see that they didn't make a great difference! xx

  3. I really need to get some of these as I'm a spot picker !! i know it's an awful habit and I think this is the only thing that would stop me from touching it. Also great to hide your spot during the day underneath makeup :)

  4. I used to be like so bad! It has actually made me stop which is so weird! Totally agree! x

  5. Alice Brocklebank9 February 2015 at 12:51

    These sound so unique! They'd be great if you had a bad breakout just before a special occasion!

    Alice Grace Beauty


  6. They really are! Definitely! I think I'll have to rely on these for prom knowing my luck! x