Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Throwback Tag 2014 ♥│ Get to know me better. ♥

Bonjour my lovelies! Today I am going to do the throwback tag 2014 as we may be able to relate and it would be great to find out if we have things in common.

So I'm going to get started...


1. What year were you born in?
I was born in 1998.

2. Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? If you do, show them.
I don't have any photos of me when I was younger on my own on my laptop because they're all in my photo albums however I have this class photo of me in year 3 at primary. (I am the girl 2nd row down from the top on the left, I really miss my hair being that colour and length) 

3. What TV shows did you grow up watching?
I've kinda changed as I've got older because I hardly watch tv however when I was younger I used to watch; Recess, Maggie and The Ferocious Beast, Paddington Bear, Noddy, That's So Raven, The Cheetah Girls, The Suite Life, Roly Poly Olie, O-ho Ahoy, The Tweenies, The Fimbles and so many more great programmes that aren't on anymore.

4. What did you want to be when you grow up and do you still want to be that?
I don't really think I had any idea what I wanted to be but when I was 13 I wanted to be a teacher and I'm still thinking about the idea but I may become a journalist.

5. Show a video of yourself when you were younger.
Sadly I don't have any videos of myself when I was younger, sad times.

6. What were your favorite toys to play with?
I got bought this toy bus that I still have and that was one of my favourite things, I used to make stories up about the plastic figures I had for it and it was ace. I also loved the kitchen I got with all the food and cups and cutlery, I was really sad because I didn't want to let it go.

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that you can remember doing? 
I don't really remember most of my 'growing up' years until I was like 6 which is quite sad. I really shouldn't admit this on the internet aha but in primary school I was really nervous and I hated it and when I was in Reception I peed my pants at least 4 times that year.

8. Read something you wrote when you were in Kindergarten.
As I'm from the UK I'm guessing Kindergarten is like Nursery or even Reception? (Correct me if I'm wrong) I don't really think I have anything that I wrote other than 'To nana and grandad, Lots of Love, Megan' but it was all a big scribble aha. 

9. Three songs you loved to listen to as a child.
I can't really remember aha, this throwback stuff is really quite challenging. I loved the Ketchup Song, ABC by Jackson 5 and Reach For The Stars by S Club 7.

10. What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger?
You will all think I'm such a miserable child aha but I have never dressed up for Halloween or gone 'trick or treating' I don't really get it and the only time I did go to a halloween party I didn't dress up and I was like 5 and I got scared by a Scream mask and I will never get over that.

11. Tell a funny story of something you remember happening when you were young.
The only thing I find really funny is when I gave my dummy away and it's not even that funny. I got told to put my dummy in this cupboard and they said that this fairy would come and get it and she would be really proud so I did it and I can just remember my face when I had to put it in. (But as you can't/couldn't see my face then you won't find this story funny)

12. Are there any special things you’ve kept from when you were a child?
My baby teeth, photos of me growing up and all my dancing things.

13. What was something weird you used to do as a child?
I can't think of anything good weird. Although I used to always have the same hallucinations every night from like 5-9 years old and it was so horrible. I find that weird.

14. What’s the scariest thing you remember that happened to you when you were younger?
I have so many scary things that I can remember that happened to me but they are personal and I'd rather not share them however I have two things that I will mention that aren't personal.

- Halloween scream mask 
- Cruella De Vil used to freak me out.

15. How is the world now different from how it was like when you were a child?
It is so different, it's scary. It's different because the technology has expanded and I am happier and I have more worries. So much has changed for the good/bad.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag! 

That's all folks! 

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