Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Blog Design ♥

Hello everyone! 

I thought I'd do a blog post on my new design which officially happened on the 18th February! I'm sat here with a massive grin on my face and I love it so much. Firstly I want to thank Laura for hosting such a great competition! The competition was where someone was going to win a pre-made template for their blog which was made by Kotryna  who is a fabulous blog designer. I never thought I would win but I did and I woke up and was so shocked but so excited, as lets be honest even after my best attempts my blog didn't look very professional and looked quite clumsy. So the lovely Kotryna let me choose one of her pre-made blog templates which I'm going to be honest with you it took me ages to choose! They're all so good! Also if you do want a pre-made template Kotryna's prices are really cheap and so so worth it. Check out her etsy shop here. The best thing is how quick she installed my design on my blog for me! I literally sat and had a cup of tea and did some homework and snap it was done. I couldn't believe it! She's done an amazing job. I'm super pleased with my design and what do you guys think? I went for the 'less is more' template as I'm always saying 'less is more' so I thought this would be perfect.

So as well as my blog getting a new freaking makeover, I decided that I would create a new blog button and a new signature for the end of my posts.

So here is my new signature:

I decided it was time for a new signature as my other one just says the 'perks of meg x' and I thought if my name was at the end it would make more sense. It also looks more like I've handwritten it so I think it is more effective. I won't be using this signature until April which I know is ages away however I schedule most of my blog posts and I have for the next 2 weeks so I have decided that I am going to start using my new blog button from March and my new signature from April therefore you get a new blog design in February and there will hopefully be a new thing every month. 

So here is my new blog button:

The Perks Of Meg

I have decided to use my old header/banner to create my new blog button as it took me ages to do this and I kind of liked it so why not re-use it and make a bright and cute blog button. My other one was so plain and boring and was very basic as this one may attract a few people. I've decided that you can get my button on my blog roll page as it is much easier than having it on my home page.

Don't forget that my giveaway ends tomorrow and you can enter here - You could win 3 MUA lipsticks of your choice!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you'll enjoy my new design and other features!

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